How to Wow Brides With Your Wedding Planner Logo

wedding planner logo

Organizing a wedding?

Whether it’s for fun or a professional business, embodying the event and your ability to plan in a single logo is no small feat. In the middle of all the planning, it’s not easy entrusting one of the biggest milestones to just anyone.

With an industry with over 39,000 businesses in the United States, you have a lot of competition as a wedding planner. How can a wedding planner logo set yourself apart from every other business and gain an edge over your competition in the wedding planning industry?

Why Does a Logo Matter?

Logos serve as a representation of your business. It’s important that your logo shows what you do at first glance and make an impression on to-be brides. A proper logo not only looks good but it can help your business attract clients.

Below are the ways that a good logo can help your wedding planning business:

First Impressions

A well put together wedding planner logo can entice your clients and show your business’ level of professionalism. As the identity of the business, it is important that a clean and elegant logo shows your client that you are creative, dependable and experienced.

Planning Principals

Even something as simple as your logo can show your clients what to expect from your service. The combinations of lines and colors show the ethics of your business. They also showcase its values.

Typeface With “Character”

Yes, even the fonts you use in your logo are important. The details of your logo are what add personality to what represents your business. You can take advantage of the combinations of typefaces to make your logo and business look more refined.

On the other hand, you can choose letterings that are more playful and upbeat, if suited for your business values and ethics.

Don’t be afraid to explore the different ways you can combine different fonts. Experiment to include varieties of text in your wedding planner logo. This can make it more appealing and draw more clients.

Using the Color Scheme Matches Your Brand

With 90% of snap judgments concerning sales based on color, it’s no wonder why color schemes are vital. Colors express to the client certain emotions and below is a list of colors you can take advantage of when designing your wedding planner logo.

White (The Pure Color)

Purity and simplicity signify this color. Using it in your logo may have your client thinking that your business knows the value of wholesomeness and elegance on the day they’ll never forget.

Yellow (The Emotional Color)

When you use this color, it adds optimism and confidence in your logo. It may give off an uplifting feeling to your clients. This shows your business cares about putting together a moment that’s cheerful.

Blue (The Serenity Color)

This color signifies duty. It conveys to the client that your business understands that weddings symbolize the trust between two individuals and what that means to them.

Red (The Physical Color)

Through this color your logo can symbolize love, courage, and warmth. This leaves your client with the impression that you value the bravery needed between two individuals in this memorable union.

Violet (The Spiritual Color)

When you use this color, it embodies luxury and authenticity in your wedding planner logo. It may give off a feeling to your clients showing that your business encourages extravagance while maintaining substance for their wedding.

Green (The Balance Color)

For this color, it signifies unity which conveys to the client that your business understands that marriages are about the balance between two individuals.

Pink (The Soothing Color)

Tranquility and love represent this color. Using it in your logo may have your client thinking that your business appreciates the affection between two individuals celebrated on this special day.

Black (The Secure Color)

Black signifies emotional safety and substance. When added to your logo, black shows the client that your business understands the sanctity and have that marriage provides couples.

Grey (The Neutral Color)

While the strong use of this color is not recommended for your wedding planner logo, it can embody a sense of neutrality. If used properly, it may accent your logo without compromising the overall look.

With the knowledge of the effects of colors, you can apply it to your new logo. However, you may be a wedding planner with an existing color scheme for your business and may want to update your brand with colors more suitable for your company using what you just learned.

Simplicity for an Optimal Design

Before adding all these colors, make sure to design your wedding planner logo in black and white. Keeping it monochrome and simple ensures you can identify the logo regardless of its color and size. Amateurs often make elaborate logos because they force in too many colors at once.

When the logo gets printed small or in monochrome, the logo looks like a mess. You can avoid this by designing your logo without the distractions first, focusing only on the lines and shapes first.

Find Something Unique for Your Wedding Planner Logo

With an average of 2.4 million weddings a year, you’re going to have to step up your game and grab the attention of these couples using your logo. One of the most important things for a business to have, even with a wedding planning business, is uniqueness.

Find an aspect of your company that is different. Include it when making your logo. It also helps to look at existing logo designs and observe how these iconic logos are unique.

Get Set, Ready, Design!

Through these ideas you can wow any bride with an astounding wedding planner logo. It can capture the message of the wedding and embody the love and bond the couple share.

So what are you waiting for? Still uncertain if you’ve got the right logo design or color scheme? If you have any questions about making your logo or need more information, contact us anytime and we’ll be glad to point you in the right direction.