What You Can Learn From Some of the Most Popular Company Logos in History

popular company logos

Did you know that Pepsi spent $1 million to redesign their logo in 2008?

But don’t worry, not every logo needs to be a million dollar design. Nike only spent $35 on their logo back in 1971.

No matter how much you spend to create a new logo for your business, you want the best logo possible.

Need some inspiration to help with your logo design? Here’s what you can learn from some of the most popular company logos.

Make it Memorable

McDonald’s has one of the most popular company logos on the market. When you see the golden arches from the freeway, you know lunch is just a few minutes away.

You want your logo to pop into someone’s mind when they are looking for a solution. Need a new phone? We think of the Apple. Need some coffee? We picture the green Starbucks emblem.

There are a lot more coffee shops and fast food restaurants than just Starbucks and McDonalds, but because of the memorability of their logos, they are who we think of first.

Your logo should be powerful enough that your customers instantly remember the shape and what it stands for.

Color Me Fancy

Color plays a strong part when it comes to logos.

Certain colors are associated with certain markets. Red and Yellow are often used in the food industry, while blue is used for healthcare and technology.

Usually, companies will choose one or two strong colors that will convey its message.

Multiple colors are hard to pull off in a strong logo design, but they can work effectively for the right company. Think of Google, eBay, and Windows. They are all good examples of multiple colors in their logos.

These colorful logos all represent diversity and creativity. Take Google for instance. Over the years the font has changed, but they have always kept the colored letters consistent.

Stand the Test of Time

Standing the test of time doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t ever adapt your logo. In fact, most popular company logos have made little changes over time. But, you shouldn’t have to completely rebrand every time you want to freshen up your look.

As you make subtle changes to your logo, make sure the fundamental elements of it stay the same so your customers can continue to recognize your product.

Subway is a good example of this. They have tweaked their logo over the year, but you would be able to recognize any of the variations of the Sandwich logo.

Avoid anything too trendy. Try to keep it timeless from the beginning. That way you won’t need to make any drastic changes as your business grows and as popular trends change.

Simplicity is Best

Don’t overthink your logo. One of the most important elements in popular company logo design is simplicity.

Think of Target. Their logo is one of the most simple logos on the market and it works well for them. Everyone can recognize the red bullseye from anywhere.

Logos are used in and on everything possible. From letterhead to websites to business cards and even storefronts. Make sure your logo will work anywhere you put it.

It’s easier for the human brain to process and remember simple images. When designing your logo, stick to the basics.

Unique Typography

Many companies have actually gotten rid of any text at all in their Logos. But, there is still a case for unique typography as part of a memorable logo.

Take Coca-Cola for example. Coca-Cola’s identity to connected to the swirly font used to spell out their name. No picture or graphic needed in this case.

The Coca-Cola font was originally designed in 1887 and was created to convey the ideas of liquid and creativity.

Disney is also a good example of using typography in marketing. The Disney font is playful and cartoonish. A perfect representation of their brand.

If you decide to use typography in your design, be aware of the way people perceive different types of fonts. If you have a floral business, a flowy and swirly font might fit best.

If you want to convey reliability and tradition, consider using a more bold and clean font.

Clever Design

The most popular company logos engage their customers. Use color, shape, and the white space in your logo to portray your product and message.

One of the best examples of this is the FedEx arrow. At first glance, you may not even notice the arrow. But, if you look closely, you’ll see an arrow in the white space between the E and X.

The creator of the logo didn’t even tell anyone the arrow was there. He wanted it to be a surprise. It was a game he was playing to see who would notice it. Slowly, as they discussed different logo designs, other team members would notice the arrow.

And his was the design that was chosen.

Be clever. Make it a game and be playful by hiding something in your logo that represents your business.

Be Distinct

The best logos don’t imitate anyone else. They are different. They stand out from the rest.

Think of the Nike swoosh. The Nike logo is so distinct, it is recognized all over the world. It is never mistaken for anything other than the Nike product.

Interestingly enough, when the Nike logo was still in the concept phases, no one was really excited about the swoosh. By default, they started using and it has grown to be one of the most memorable logos ever.

If your logo is distinct, it won’t be confused with other brands. Afterall, you wouldn’t want your customers to spend their money somewhere else just because the logos were similar. Make sure you have a logo that is different.

So don’t settle for what everyone else is doing. Find a logo that will be unique to your product.

Learn From Popular Company Logos

As you start out on this new adventure, learn from the most popular company logos. Afterall, they’ve already done some of the homework for you. They have shown us what works and what doesn’t.

Still need some help? Come check us out and we’ll help you build the perfect logo.