Benefits of Memorable Wedding Logos

wedding logos

So you’re preparing for your big wedding day? Congratulations!

It’s likely you already have ideas in mind for your location, flowers, and even a theme for your wedding. But have you considered creating a logo to make the day even more special?

A logo that represents the union between you and your future spouse could be the perfect way to tie your wedding together.

This article will help you design a logo that will last as long as your marriage! Read on to discover the benefits of wedding logos, and how you can design one for your own happily ever after.

Why Should I Have a Wedding Logo?

  • Logos attract customers! Or, in this case, wedding guests. Your logo for your wedding will entice people to attend. Your wedding logo should be eye catching and full of personality.
  • Wedding logos are timeless. The logo you create for your wedding can carry on through the rest of your life. You can print your wedding logo on pillows, stationary, or even furniture. Your wedding logo can last long past your wedding and become a symbol of your marriage for years to come.
  • Wedding logos bring life to your theme. Your wedding logo will be introduced to your guests on your wedding invitations and will continue to show up through out your wedding day. Your wedding logo can be posted on champagne bottles or napkins at your wedding. When guests see it, they’re reminded of your theme and your love for each other.

How Should I Design My Wedding Logo?

Your wedding logo should be as unique as your relationship with your future spouse. You want to design a wedding logo that both people are happy with.

One way to do this is to work on the logo together. Great wedding logos can even be something you and your fiancé drew together.

Wedding logos can be as simple or as zany as you want them to be.

If you’re having a Star Wars themed wedding consider a Star Wars themed logo. However, if you’re more of a traditionalist and are going for a simple wedding, a simple logo will do just fine.

Traditional wedding logo ideas are family crests or monograms with your initials.

You don’t have to use a traditional family crest from the 17th century, however. You and your fiancé can design a crest that symbolizes who you are now.

To do this, think about what makes each of you unique as people. Maybe he loves to sing and she loves to play soccer. Both of those talents can be incorporated onto a brand new crest. You can also incorporate things like how you met, or how he proposed.

Creating a 21st-century crest for your relationship could make a fantastic wedding logo.

Things to Consider When Designing Wedding Logos

1. Color Matters

Different colors evoke different feelings in the people who view them. You should keep this in mind when designing a wedding logo.

Below you will find a list of colors and what emotions they bring out in people. The colors you pick for your logo should match the kind of feelings you want guests to have at your wedding.

Red: Passion and importance. Red is a strong color and could be a good choice for your wedding design. However, use it sparingly as too much red can come off as aggressive.

Yellow: Happiness and joy. Light yellow is an upbeat choice for wedding logos as it reminds viewers of sunshine and fun.

Blue: Relaxation.  Blue is the color of trust and serenity. If you want your wedding guests to feel calm, a blue wedding theme and logo could be a great choice.

Purple: Romantic and luxurious. Purple is the color of royalty and can be gorgeous for wedding logos.

Green: Nature and health. Green would be a great choice for a wedding logo if you’re having an outdoor wedding. Green could be used for forest or beach weddings to increase the natural vibe.

2. Frame Your Fonts

Your top priority when choosing a font for your wedding logo is readability.

You want to ensure your logo is readable from far away by using a clear and legible font. This doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t have fun with your fonts and choose one that matches the personality of you and your wedding.

There’s a font for nearly every mood. There are regal fonts, funny fonts, cute fonts, ridiculous fonts, and bold fonts.

Find the one that expresses your theme best. Here are 101 different fonts that look great on logos.

3. Simplicity Is Your Friend

Think about the most iconic logos in the United States: McDonald’s, MTV, Target, etc. The one thing these logos have in common is their simplicity.

They all use a single simple graphic to portray their brand.

Creating a simple wedding logo is important as the simpler the design the cleaner it will look in print. Also the simpler the design, the easier it will be for people to remember it.

If you stick to a simple design that still shows personality, it will be easier to transfer the logo onto a variety of items at the wedding.

To Wrap Things Up…

We are lucky to live in the 21st century where we are not tied down by the ropes of tradition. This means you can feel free to have fun designing your wedding logo!

The possibilities are endless. Just be sure to create something that reflects who you are as a couple.

Don’t forget to consider coloring, fonts, and simplicity when you begin designing your wedding logo.

We are confident that if you follow the steps in this guide you will be able to design a wedding logo that beautifully matches the theme of your wedding.

Do you have any experience designing an awesome wedding logo, or ideas on logo design? If so, please comment below. We would love to hear from you!