A Guide to Creating a Travel Logo That Inspires Adventure

travel logo

Are you a travel company looking to attract new clients, explorers or adventurers?

Have you given much thought to the effectiveness of your travel logo?

If you haven’t given it much thought, or if you don’t even have one, it’s time that you start focusing on the importance of your logo.

Your Travel Logo Speaks for You

Your logo is going to be representative of your company’s beliefs, aims and values. And you also want it to inspire.

Seems like a big order for such a small item, but that’s the reality. And that’s also why it’s so important that you pay attention to every detail that goes into the design of your travel logo.

As you embark on designing the perfect logo, think first about the message you want to put out about your company. Then ask yourself the following questions.

1. Who Is Most Likely to Use My Travel Services?

Are you an airline that flies to specialized destinations? Or maybe your business is a cruise line that focuses on luxurious journeys. You could be a travel agent appealing to a niche market of young travelers on a budget.

How to does your logo convey who you are? It needs to cater to the people it’s going to serve.

So a travel logo that will attract those seeking a luxury cruise is probably going to have a more professional feel, while a logo trying to appeal to those young travelers who are strapped for cash will be more whimsical.

2. Should Location Figure into My Design?

If you specialize in tours to a specific country or region, then you might want this to come across in your logo. Think about the symbols of that region and how you could incorporate that into the logo.

For instance, if you offer tours to India where people can ride elephants, then maybe some element of the elephant is in your logo design. Or if you specialize in flights to exotic islands in the South Pacific, how can you creatively express an island on your logo?

3. What Colors and Fonts Will Be Most Effective?

When it comes to travel logos, colors should be vibrant and eye-catching. You want it to give a feeling of enjoyment and fun. Consider bold shades of yellow, blue, red and green. Yellow and green, in particular, are considered happy colors and will communicate this.

But once again, this will depend on your target audience to some degree. If the travel is more purposeful and required for business, then the colors will be scaled down to some degree to deliver a more professional feeling.

And the same can be said for fonts. A light-hearted font that would be ideal for enticing someone to go on a safari isn’t going to be a big draw for the world-weary business traveler.

Stick with more formal fonts in that case.

4. Is My Logo Timely?

This is a big one. You don’t want a logo that looks outdated. Especially in the travel industry.

Nobody wants to step onto a cruise ship that hasn’t seen updates since 1984, or fly on an old plane that’s making questionable sounds. But if you have a logo that’s been around for a long time, that’s the message that might be delivered.

Keep it up-to-date. Travelers in all categories will find comfort in knowing that you have a modern approach to travel.

If you have any other advice for designing a travel logo, feel free to comment below, or seek help!