Top Ten Hidden Messages in Logos You Wouldn’t Believe

hidden messages in logos

A memorable logo is arguably one of the most important aspects of building a successful brand.

The whole purpose of a logo is to stand out and be recognizable, but oftentimes logos reach beyond what may initially meet the eye.

Some of the most well-known logos have hidden meanings tucked neatly into their designs.

Read on to learn about some of our favorite hidden messages in logos.

1. Amazon

Amazon, a powerhouse in the online shopping realm, has a cleverly hidden meaning within its logo.

The brand’s logo features an arrow beginning at the A and ending at the Z. This arrow is also stylized like a smile.

The meaning behind this logo is multi-layered. The location of the arrow indicates that the company offers everything “from a to z” and the smile is a nod to their customer’s satisfaction.

The brand has recently taken the smile in their logo a step further and now offers the Amazon Smile option when shopping that donates a percentage of every purchase made to the charity of your choice.

2. Baskin Robbins

Another one of the most fascinating hidden messages in logos is within the pink and blue “BR” in Baskin Robbins’ logo.

Baskin Robbins is famous for its 31 flavors, a fact that they boast about within their company’s branding.

The lines in the curve of the “B” and the straight line on the “R” are pink, rather than the blue of the rest of the letters, and form a number 31 that isn’t hard to spot if you know what to look for.

3. BMW

One of the most recognizable car brand logos, BMW’s logo is also one of the most iconic when it comes to the idea of luxury.

The blue and white checkered inner portion of their logo is a nod toward the Bavarian flag and the brand’s origins.

The overall design is also a nod toward the company’s origins as an aviation company and is supposedly a representation of spinning propeller blades.

4. Le Tour De France

The logo for the Le Tour De France also has two meanings.

The first of which is somewhat straightforward, as you can look at the letter “R” in Tour and see that it is somewhat in the shape of a cyclist.

The second meaning isn’t as easily spotted, as the bright yellow circle the letter “R” cyclist is above represents the sun and the daytime-only races that make up the tour itself.

5. FedEx

Another household name, FedEx has a hidden meaning within its logo that is visible even just typing the name out.

The simplistic design of the FedEx logo creates a negative space between the “E” and the “X” that depicts an arrow.

For a brand that seeks to have an image associated with speedy and precise shipping, this arrow is incredibly fitting.

6. The Bronx Zoo

One of the most creative hidden messages in logos is within the Bronx Zoo logo.

The Bronz Zoo is one of the largest zoos in all of North America and is located in beautiful New York City, which its logo pays homage to.

The logo of the Bronx Zoo features two giraffes standing tall and a few birds flying around.

At first glance, you may not notice that within the gaps between the giraffe’s legs is the iconic New York City skyline.

7. Hope for African Children Initiative

The Hope for African Children Initiative is another logo featuring a creative use of outlines and negative space.

When you first look at this logo you may notice a simple two-toned outline of Africa.

Upon further inspection, it becomes obvious that this outline also depicts the silhouettes of a mother and a child.

8. Apple

In a test asking over 70 people to draw the Apple logo from memory, only one person was able to do so perfectly.

With seemingly everyone owning some Apple product or another, this test was a pretty hilarious indicator of the mediocrity of human memory.

As a refresher, the Apple logo features an apple with a small bite taken out of the right side.

This logo supposedly stems from the story of Adam and Eve. The apple is representative of the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge and the bite taken represents the bite Eve took from that forbidden fruit.

9. Pinterest

Pinterest is a place where you can create digital “pin boards” and the hidden meaning within its logo is representative of that.

The logo for Pinterest features a white “P” on a bright red background.

If you look closely enough, you can also see that the “P” doubles as a pin itself.

The co-designer of the logo has said that they originally were leaning away from a design with a pin as they felt it was too literal, but the “P” in the logo lent itself too well to the shape of a pin to not go for it.

10. Yoga Australia

The logo for Yoga Australia features a woman in Lord of the Dance pose, or Natarajasana.

The pose requires you stand on one leg, gently lean forward, lift the other leg behind you and grab the lifted foot with the opposite hand while reaching forward with your empty hand.

In Yoga Australia’s logo, the hidden meaning can be found in the space created between the lifted back leg and the arm that is grasping it as it creates an outline of Australia itself.

Hidden Messages in Logos are Everywhere

After reading about these ten sneaky logos, you’re sure to be searching for hidden meanings in designs everywhere you look.

The beauty and depth of meaning found in the logos on your household items can be astonishing!

If these hidden messages in logos got your creative juices flowing, check out our DIY logo builder and get started on your own hidden message logo.