The Modern Logo Design Trends You Need to Know

modern logo design

Did you know that the color blue in logo design is what consumers prefer most?

While it may not be obvious at first, countless hours (and dollars) go into researching the best way to design a company logo.

While marketing and consumer relations are also vital to the success of a business, having a strong, recognizable logo is one of the most important parts of brand advertising.

But, it’s important to keep up with the times.

Let’s take a look at all the modern logo design trends that you need to know in order to help your brand stand out from the competition.


“Fun” may seem like a strange concept for a logo, but hear us out.

People naturally gravitate toward positivity. Thus, as long as it fits your brand, it may be worth making your logo more lively and energetic.

Bright colors, cartoon art, and catchy puns are all ways that you can grab people’s attention. Animals are also a great aspect to incorporate.

When your consumers see something bright and vibrant, it’ll stick in their minds whether they want it to or not. Using humor in the text and design can also help make your brand more memorable.

Negative Space

Using negative space in logos isn’t a new idea. But, it’s one that many companies can benefit from.

In a world where consumers are constantly bombarded with advertisements for products and services, it can be refreshing to see a business logo that is free of clutter.

This type of modern logo design serves two purposes: it’s easier on the eyes, and the empty space can be used to create an entirely different image. In fact, it’s perhaps the best way to layer ideas or concepts into a logo due to the fact that it will never become too crowded.

If you’re looking to place multiple themes in your company’s logo, this is the route to take.


It can be very easy for consumers to have their brains overstimulated when looking at advertisements. This is especially true since people are exposed to advertisements no matter where they look thanks to billboards and digital ads.

Thus, simplicity is a great tactic to use when creating a logo for your business.

With a clean, minimalist design that uses colors conservatively, you’ll be able to create a relevant logo that doesn’t use any unnecessary elements. It also takes less effort to choose a background and font for your business name.

Plus, simpler logos are easier to use across multiple platforms, such as social media, mobile apps, and business cards.

If you’re looking to stand out, it’s a good idea to keep it simple in 2018.

Geometric Lines

Like simple logos, those that use geometric lines are renowned for how crisp and clean they look. There’s something about flat lines with perfect angles that’s satisfying to the brain when we view them.

You should be careful, however, to avoid using a design that doesn’t fit your brand simply because it looks good. Since this type of art is so easy to incorporate, it can also be easy to lose direction when designing your logo.

You should also be aware of how many other businesses in your industry are using this type of art given its popularity. The last thing you want to do is hurt your brand by making it look like everyone else’s.

Hand-Drawn Art

In a world full of digitally-created and perfect art, organic artwork immediately stands out. Just like how perfection has a place in logo design, imperfection has its own place as well.

Using hand-drawn artwork for your business logo will automatically make it seem more human and less like a faceless company.

Everyone likes to make purchases, but nobody likes to feel like they’re being sold something. Hand-drawn artwork is a simple way to communicate with your audience that your brand has life to it.

People will also appreciate the time it took to create your logo since it was done manually and not through using software effects to make it perfect.


For most brand logos, you can’t go wrong with colors.

Color theory is important to understand when designing a logo, as we naturally associate certain colors with certain feelings. But, using colors correctly doesn’t end with choosing the right ones.

Gradients are an aesthetically-pleasing way to incorporate colors. Rather than pair two colors side by side, you can slowly transition from one color to the next.

You’ll most often do this with complementary colors, and when you do it right, the results are amazing. When paired with white or black text, the colors will look more vibrant, making the effect it has on your audience even more pleasing to them.


Stuck on how to design your logo? Go ahead and make your logo your brand’s name. This is a timeless trend that thousands of businesses take advantage of.

But, you still need to put in the work to make sure the lettering looks good. Similar to hand-drawn art, handwritten lettering is a simple logo option that can help give your brand a more human, personal feel.

There’s nothing wrong with using less to say more.

Modern Logo Design Can Seem Intimidating…

Especially with all of the options to choose from. But, with a little research and plenty of awareness about who you are as a brand, you’ll be able to make the best decision for your company’s logo.

Keeping up with modern logo design is important, but that’s not all you need to be aware of.

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