Ten Famous Brands That Were Defined by Their Logo

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A company without a logo is like a dating profile without a picture. Logos are vital to establishing brand identity and are the hallmarks of famous brands.

In today’s digital world, good branding isn’t just an option, it’s a necessity. If your brand’s logo doesn’t stand out, it will be drowned out by the competition.

Follow these 10 famous brands’ success to create a winning logo for your company.

1. McDonald’s

McDonald’s ‘golden arches’ is the most recognized logo on earth.

In fact, the famous fast food brand’s logo is more universally recognized than the Christian cross, the love heart, and the peace sign.

The logo’s success lies in its simplicity and intention.

The ‘golden arches’ represent the architecture of original McDonalds’ storefronts and convey the letter ‘M’ for McDonald’s.

The brand used red and yellow, two of the boldest colors on the color wheel to appeal to children and remind customers of McDonald’s famous French fries.

2. Supreme

New York City skate shop Supreme built a clothing empire out of its iconic logo.

The simple design features the brand’s name in Futura Bold text on a red background.

This logo has sold millions of t-shirts, hoodies, sneakers, bags, and even houseware items worldwide.

Supreme fans are infamously loyal.

These so-called “hypebeasts” are known to camp outside Supreme’s Tokyo, New York, Hong Kong, and Los Angeles storefronts for hours waiting for a new collection to launch.

3. Coca-Cola

The king of soda is the only other contender for McDonald’s title as one of the world’s most famous brands.

The Coca-Cola logo has been virtually unchanged for 130 years. That’s longer than many countries’ flags have remained unchanged.

The distinctive swirled typeface, red letters, and symmetrical positioning of the brand’s two Cs have been so successful that the logo has only been tweaked a few times.

4. Nike

The iconic Nike “swoosh” represents speed and endurance.

The brand was named after the Greek goddess of victory. The “swoosh” is meant to resemble her wing, not a check mark as many people believe.

Nike’s logo has defined the brand since its inception and continues to be one of the most counterfeited and copied logos in production.

Try looking at an image of the company’s logo without envisioning a famous athlete or the brand’s slogan “Just Do It”.

5. Apple

Apple’s logo was originally a portrait of Isaac Newton sitting under a tree. While it may not be recognizable from the brand’s current logo, the apple represents Newton’s discovery of gravity.

The Apple originally appeared in a rainbow gradient and has been used in white, black, and metallic hues.

Apple has built one of the world’s most devoted brand cults. Customers will do anything to get a new Apple phone, computer, or watch.

Many customers insist on buying phone cases with openings to show the distinctive Apple logo because they believe it represents individuality and innovation.

6. Adidas

Founded by German shoemaker Adi Das, the soccer shoe brand has become a fashion empire known as “the brand with the three stripes”.

The original Adidas soccer cleats were black with three white stripes. These white stripes have lived on in all of Adidas’s logos as a triangle, circle, and trefoil.

Adidas’s logo has transcended shoes. The company known for its functional and stylish soccer shoes has stepped into activewear and street fashion with massive success.

The Adidas logo is seen on shoes, backpacks, joggers, t-shirts, stickers, and hoodies worn by young and old from London to Shanghai.

Although Adidas has changed its logo several times, almost all of the logos are still in production. This rare versatility proves that minimal logos never go out of style.

7. Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton’s logo defines its brand to the extent that many Chinese consumers call the brand ‘LV’ after its iconic overlayed logo.

The LV logo features the illustrious French designer’s initials in brown and gold in a classic typeface.

There is no doubt that the famous brand’s success is derived from its logo design.

The coveted logo can be found on handbags, wallets, cell phone cases, luggage, and other luxury goods in the hands of elite fashionistas everywhere.

8. Fed-Ex

Fed-Ex’s purple and orange logo represents the gold standard for corporate logos.

The design is functional, easy to remember, and distinctive.

It may seem difficult to make a public service’s logo stand out, but Fed-EX’s logo has a secret.

There is a hidden arrow between the E and X that represents quick, easy delivery. This genius letter positioning sets Fed-Ex’s logo apart from an otherwise mundane, easily-replicated typeface.

9. Marlboro

Believe it or not, Marlboro was originally seen as a feminine cigarette brand.

The iconic red band around Marlboro cigarettes was meant to hide lipstick marks.

It was later repositioned to represent masculine boldness and the cowboy’s frontier spirit.

The logo originally featured an English coat of arms to represent nobility.

The crest was removed, but the colors remained: red for passion and courage, black for mystery, and white for elegance.

Marlboro’s red, white, and black logo has made it one of the most enduring and famous brands of cigarettes since 1924.

10. Target

Target’s logo is effective because, like Apple’s logo, it can convey the brand’s name without text.

The red and white bullseye logo has been in use since the 1960’s because it resonates with customers so well.

While Walmart’s logo is forgettable and has little connection to the brand, Target’s logo is synonymous with its name and versatile for promotional purposes.

Target has used its brand mark to create a dog mascot named Spot with the distinctive logo on its eye to make TV advertisements and to sell toys.

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