Tell-Tale Signs That Your Landscaping Logos May Fail

landscaping logos

To say it simply, logos are important. Logos are the face of your brand. They give your brand an identity.

Every business needs a logo. But not many businesses get it right.

There are many mistakes that can be made when creating a logo. Having the wrong logo can send your company down a path of failure. Logo mistakes can even be damaging to your landscaping company’s reputation.

If you’re looking to design landscaping logos, you’ll want to ensure you are doing it right. Here are 5 common mistakes that can ultimately make your logo fail.

1. Using a Logo That Is Too Simple

Sometimes it’s best to keep your logo simple. Simple logos are easy to remember. Nike and McDonald’s are prime examples of simple logos.

Simple doesn’t have to be obvious. For example, a landscaping logo doesn’t necessarily have to include grass or dirt. An auto shop’s logo doesn’t have to include a car.

Using too simple of a logo may mean that your logo isn’t super memorable.

2. Using a Logo That Is Too Complex

At the same time, you want to ensure your logo is unique. This adds a new level of complexity. Your logo can be conceptual or abstract.

But, there is a fine line between complex and too complex. If your logo is hard to understand, consumers won’t remember it.

Overly complex logos can also be hard to print. Remember, your logo will be used in a variety of media. It needs to look good on a website and on a billboard

3. Using Too Many Effects

A logo involves three main effects:

  • Color
  • Images/symbol
  • Text

A unique logo needs to utilize the three effects in a balanced way. It should include your brand’s colors, and the colors used should flow nicely. When using an image or symbol, make sure it relates to your company. If using an image, ensure it is high quality.

Text can be problematic in logos. The text needs to be readable when the logo is resized. You’ll also want to avoid using too many or the wrong fonts.

4. Forgetting About the Brand

Your logo must fit into your company’s brand. From colors to fonts, your brand must be cohesive.

Before designing a logo, lay out your requirements. What colors must be used? Are there any symbols that should be incorporated into the logo? Designing with requirements makes the process much easier.

5. Copying Other Logos

Looking for inspiration for landscaping logos? Don’t hesitate to look at existing logos for inspiration and ideas.

But, be sure to avoid copying another company’s logo. If your logo resembles another logo, how can you expect customers to differentiate between the two? Ensure your logo is unique. Research existing logos and be sure your company’s logo is unlike any other.

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