How to Take Your Personal Trainer Logo to the Next Level

personal trainer logo

Are you starting a new career as a personal trainer? Are you re-branding to start fresh again and draw in more members? One important factor you have to consider is designing a top-of-the-line personal trainer logo.

Yes, a logo can make or break your whole career. The human brain can process an image better than it can words. You might have the best blog content and flyers to bring people in but they won’t pay attention without a strong visual cue.

That cue is your logo.

It represents you, your services, and what the members can expect to achieve. Don’t go guns blazing, though. Take a moment to consider the following ways to make an effective and memorable logo.

Do It First In Black and White

Start by designing your personal trainer logo in monochrome. Draw it up as a silhouette and see if you can still identify what it is. If you use an online logo maker, make sure to set it so you can design without colors first.

Ask yourself which famous logos do you remember the most? It is likely that they’re the logos that you can identify whether they’re small, big, colored, or black and white. These are logos like the ones by Nike, Adidas, and McDonald’s.

One more reason to do this first is to see if you can recognize your logo regardless of its size. If you start designing your logo with color, there’s a chance you won’t be able to check how it looks when printed small, like on a calling card.

Know Your Colors

When it’s time to add some life to your logo, understand first the psychology of colors. The colors you choose for your personal trainer logo will send out an unspoken message to people.

Yellow, for example, represents optimism and energy for most people. People see blue and they think of calmness, trust, and dependable strength. Green is the color of health and peace.

What colors do most personal trainers use?

If you use pink, most people might assume you focus on training women. If you use red then there’s an aura of aggression, which is common for boxing trainers. Black is a formal color but for trainers, it also represents high-end quality.

Establish Everything with a Symbol

Keep in mind that you’re promoting services as a personal trainer. Your logo has to represent this with the power of one symbol.

Take a look around you. Look at what other personal trainers and gyms do. There’s a reason why they pick similar symbols because these are images people associate with training and working out.

You can focus on symbols that use or manipulate barbells, muscles, or a body in motion. Gloves, dumbbells, and jumping rope are also common symbols in this field. Try to pick a symbol that best represents what you offer to members.

Pick a Functional Shape

A majority of trainers and gyms fit their logo in a specific shape. Most tend to use circles or diamonds as their primary shape. They then fit the words and symbols into those shapes.

In today’s digital world, you have to take this one step further. You have to remember that you’re also promoting your services in a blog and through social media platforms. Those online pages perform best with images using exact measurements.

Keep in mind what measures your header is and how big your calling cards are. Note down the size and shape your banners will be.

If you’ll focus more on social media and blog advertising, a rectangular shape is the better option. It fits right with most screen sizes and you can adjust it as needed for your headers.

Action is the Key

Personal trainers stay busy and your members will be too. Try to emphasize on this constant burst of activity by designing your logo with kinetic energy. Try to infuse action in your personal trainer logo.

Some logos do this already. You’ll notice some logos that focus on a person running or lifting heavy weights. Other logos, like for some gyms, showcase a silhouette of a person doing jumping-jacks or flexing their muscles.

This kind of constant action sends out a message to viewers. It lets them feel like your services aren’t passive and you’re always on the move.

Look at the Competition

One important step is to look at your competition. The biggest reason to do so is to avoid coming up with a similar design. You don’t want your competitors claiming you copied their logo because that can lead to a lawsuit.

You’ll also want to see what kind of logos work. Which trainer and gym logos do people remember? Which ones catch their attention and which ones fail to help bring in new members?

Keep It Simple

Many companies and trainers try to use complex logos. This can work but for the majority of times, it doesn’t. The main reason is that people can’t recall complex logos better than the simple ones.

Apple is the best example of an effective and simple logo. The logo, which is an apple with a bite mark, continues to stay popular for four decades now. It only saw a few changes over the years but the basic silhouette remains the same.

You can emulate this with your personal trainer logo. Keep something simple, memorable, and catchy to the eye. This can stick in people’s minds and it will resonate well when you’re advertising your services.

Design Your Personal Trainer Logo Now

You shouldn’t waste time. Brand your training services now and design a great logo. It’s the one thing that can help you grab people’s attention and recruit them for your services.

Don’t know where to begin? It isn’t that hard, even if you don’t have a background in designing or programs like Photoshop. We’ve got that covered for you.

If you’re still not sure about your logo design or what tools you need, message us anytime. We can help you build the right logo for your personal trainer services and start reeling new members in.