Sweep Up the Competition with Cleaning Company Logos

Cleaning company logos

How many cleaning companies operate in your area?

In most cases, a lot.

With 3.2 million people employed in cleaning services in the US, you need to find a way to stand out.

Designing a professional logo for your company instantly sets it apart from the competition. It shows that you’re serious about your business, and more likely to be trustworthy and dependable.

But how do you design the perfect logo?

There are a few key points that you’ll need to keep in mind to avoid a logo that looks tacky, isn’t memorable, or just gives a bad impression of your company.

Read on for our top advice on designing amazing cleaning company logos.

1. Incorporate Your Unique Selling Point

What makes your cleaning company different from the rest?

Do you specialize in using non-toxic, eco-friendly products? Are you particularly good at cleaning up after pets? Or do you offer special packages for large office buildings?

Whatever your unique selling point is, your logo should make it clear. Customers who instantly understand what you offer are more likely to remember you and get in touch, even if they only see your logo in passing.

You don’t need to be too explicit in your design – sometimes subtle messages work more effectively.

For example, if you use all-natural cleaning products, your logo could be colored green and include a leaf design. If you mostly clean offices, you could go for a geometric, corporate-looking style.

Be sure to test plenty of options before settling on one.

2. Avoid Cliche Designs

How many cleaning company logos include a broom or mop somewhere in their design?

Way too many.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, you need to avoid obvious cliches and think a little deeper when creating your design.

Everyone knows that cleaners will use brooms, mops, and brushes, so why not use your logo to say something a little more interesting?

Think about what people are trying to achieve when they hire you. Is it a safer environment for their family? A better workspace for their employees?

Or is hiring a cleaner part of a luxury lifestyle that they’re aspiring to?

Once you’ve figured out the deeper reasoning behind why people hire you, you can use it as inspiration for your design.

Luxury cleaning companies might include images of diamonds or chandeliers, family-focused cleaners could include silhouettes of families or children’s toys, and office cleaners might incorporate IT equipment or office supplies.

3. Use Visual Tricks and Jokes

People are more likely to remember logos that they have to look at twice to figure out the meaning.

Using visual tricks and in jokes is a great way to connect with customers before they even pick up the phone. For example, if you offer both cleaning and gardening services, your logo could depict a tree growing from a pile of trash.

If you’re aiming to attract clients from a certain geographical area, you could include a local landmark in your logo. It could be as obvious as a large attraction, or as subtle as an image of the local skyline.

Try to create a logo that makes people say, “Oh, look at that!”

4. Choose the Right Color Scheme

The right color scheme is essential when designing your logo, and it could make or break your final product.

Your logo should reflect your core values, as well as the values of your customers, so the right color scheme will look different for every company.

Clean, fresh colors like white, blue, green and yellow are popular choices, but they can easily look cliche if your overall design isn’t original.

On the other side of the coin, unusual color choices can make a dull design look a lot more eye-catching.

For example, perhaps you’ve chosen a mop and bucket for your logo. Pretty dull on their own, but what if they’re colored in black, with your company logo in bright orange in the foreground?

You’ve instantly changed the style of your logo, just using color. Rather than boring and cliche, your company now looks modern, stylish and interesting.

Think carefully about what you’re trying to achieve using color. The best logos will combine an amazing design with careful color choices that strengthen the logo’s overall message.

It’s a good idea to test your design using at least 5 – 10 different color combinations. Compare them side by side and get opinions from others.

You might well be surprised when a combo you thought would never work turns out to be the winner.

5. Keep It Clean and Simple

Your customers wouldn’t be hiring a cleaner if they were fans of clutter – so make sure you keep it out of your logo design.

The best cleaning company logos are clean, simple, and minimalist, without loads of text, multiple different graphics, clashing fonts, or ten different colors.

Your logo should be simple enough that a young child could easily draw it by hand, with a clear font for any text. Simple designs also work best online, when your logo is often shown at a smaller resolution as an avatar, favicon or profile picture.

If you plan to use your logo on the side of vehicles, to brand cleaning equipment, or as part of staff uniforms, simplicity is even more important.

Sticking to a simple design ensures the graphic still looks clear at different sizes and means it won’t be too expensive to reproduce on different materials.

Worried that there might be too much going on in your logo?

That’s a clear sign that there is.

Strip your logo down to only its most important parts, and you’ll end up with a much stronger finished product.

How to Design Cleaning Company Logos

It can be hard to stand out in the competitive world of cleaning. Get ahead of the rest by designing a logo that’s memorable, unique, and makes your unique selling point crystal clear.

You’ll soon be sweeping the floor with the competition.

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