Steps for Creating a Super Small Business Logo

small business logo

There is a common misunderstanding about logos especially when we are talking about small business. Many people tend to believe that a small business logo should just mention the name of the company and make sure that it gets everyone’s attention.

Well, we are sorry to be the bearers of bad news, but this accusation is completely wrong. In order to create a great small business logo, you have to keep in mind some specific tips that will make your brand stand out.

Fortunately, either you are creating your logo for the first time or just updating an old one, this is your lucky day.

Keep reading to find out the exact steps you need to follow for an amazing small business logo. Let’s start!

Step 1: Study The Competition

Do not even believe just for a second that by researching what is going on out there you are actually copying anyone. You are not! By studying your competitors and what their logos look like, is like you are doing some window shopping.

So, the first step to creating a small business logo (or even a big business logo to be totally honest) is to look at your competition.

However, please, be careful. You want to study the grown and successful businesses in your industry and not the ones that are struggling to survive. Looking at the best will only turn you into one of the best.

Additionally, if the competition is too big, you need to step up your game and create the ultimate design that will make your clients choose you. According to this infographic, 93% of purchasing judgments are made on visual perceptions.

Also, keep in mind that the smaller your business is, the stronger your logo should be.

Step 2: Think About Your Brand’s Message

What do you want your brand to feel like? Are your products or services modern or your business message is more “traditional?” Ask yourself this: “What do I want my potential clients or customers feel when they look at my logo?”

This way you will channel your creative alter ego and you will be able to build a brand that will actually be able to pass the right message to the right people. A great tip that leads to another, equally important, step:

Step 3: Think About Your Target Audience

Don’t look at your small business logo as an entrepreneur or a small business owner. Think big, but, most importantly, think like a potential buyer. What is the type of customers that you want to attract? Try to be that customer for a minute.

This way you will know what the design for your brand should be.

If you want to attract a young audience, use some color but not too many pinks and blues because they would associate your brand with baby stuff. For an audience from 30 to 50 years old, use white, black, and grey. For people older than 50, use a serif font and a clean message like your brand name alone.

These simple tips will get you organized and, most importantly, will lead you to a great small business logo design.

Step 4: Keep Your Business Name in Mind

Like it or not, there is one basic limitation you need to take into consideration when you are designing your logo. Your business name should match the style of your design.

If your business has a “serious” name, then you need to make your logo look serious and kind of strict. If the name associates your brand with more playfulness or joy, then you can use bright colors and even an entertaining font.

Be creative but do not create an irrelevant final product.

Step 5: Know That a Small Business Logo Needs To Be Clean

Since you are running a small business –this is what we guess since you are reading a post about creating a small business logo– then you have to keep in mind that is has to be clean.

There two basic reasons for that:

  1. It will help new audiences remember your brand name once they see it.
  2. At this point, you need to make them remember your name, not your design.

So, if your business is making its first baby steps, keep your logo design minimal and simple. You can always rebrand yourself later, when you are, hopefully, an established, famed professional.

Step 6: Create Four to Five Alternatives

This one sounds quite simple but when you are designing a small business logo, you need to give yourself a variety of options to choose from. However, you need to create alternatives neither too similar nor to different from one another.

Change the colors, the position of the letters, or even the illustration that might accompany your brand name. This way you and your team will be able to choose the right design, without having to change your perspective 100 percent.

If your company is a one-man-show, you can always ask your friends or family for their advice. The more opinions you have, the better design you will achieve.

Step 7: Now, Work on These Alternatives

So, some of the people you’ve asked are going to prefer Logo #1 while others might prefer Logo #2, for example. You still need to work on the different designs that you have in order to make all of them lovely.

This way you are going to step up your game and have four or five great logos to choose from. After you have done your best, ask again. You and the people that you trust the most can only choose one.

And the majority should win!

Step 8: Test Your Logo on Different Media

Ok. Hopefully, you have found your perfect logo and everybody (including you) loves the way it looks and feels. Now you need test it and determine whether it is practical or not.

By “practical,” we mean that you need to take a look at how it looks on your website, your business card, your social media profile picture, even your app, if it happens to have one.

A great design does not necessarily mean that it can work anywhere you put it. If your website’s header, for example, is too small or contains an advertisement, then, a busy logo might feel like an exaggeration.

If this is a scenario that has happened to you, you have two options: Either change the design of your website, business card etc. or just modify your logo to better suit your overall brand identity.


It all starts with a great idea. If you have pictured your small business logo in your head, all you have to do is take action and start creating it.

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