Stand Out in the Crowd with New Business Card Logos

Business Card Logos

Business cards are the tool every entrepreneur needs. They are the perfect final touch to your sales pitch or a casual way of making connections at your morning coffee shop.

Handing someone a business card introduces them to your services and skills while giving them something to spark interest at a later time.

No matter the industry, one of the most important design aspects to consider is how to make business card logos stand out.

Logos help potential clients remember you and can even be the push needed to get people picking up the phone. Sure, the design of the card as a whole is important, but this is the first thing everyone will look at.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when creating your business card logo.

Stick to the Basics

Making a lasting impression is important, but it starts with understanding the basics.

Set your logo up on a standard shape like a rectangle, square, or circle. You will likely end up with a final version that goes outside the lines, but a general structure points you in the right direction.

Plus, this helps you visualize how the logo will look on a regular business card.

Try to utilize key areas. Many people consider the best place for business card logos to be dead center, but don’t be afraid to play with corners or angles either.

The more you try different approaches at the beginning of your design, the better you can focus on key elements later on.

Play with Fonts

Not all business card logos will use text, but many will play with it somehow.

Text can be used to merge the first letters of your brand name or spell out the whole thing. Logos often include text to increase brand recognition.

Sometimes, text can also be attached as a tagline to the logo. Consider adding the main point of your pitch to give potential clients a full picture at first glance.

Whatever your reason for adding text, don’t be afraid to try different font styles.

Traditional texts are usually the favorite among technical lines of work while funky fonts take the cake in more eccentric industries. Your best font choice is somewhere in the middle.

Choose something out of the ordinary to make sure your card stands out. Keep it within context so your card is remembered for the right reasons.

Consider Your Colors

Once you have a feel for your logo’s foundation, play with the color possibilities.

Business card logos often stand out from the rest of the card’s information. They can be a simple black and white set up with a pop of color, or a bold shade in a mix of varied hues.

Colors also have textures.

Consider using embossing or imprinted effects to enhance the visual experience. This can reduce the need for color if you are going for a simple approach, but still creates a memorable logo.

For a bold take on business card logos, play with shades and gradients. These can be particularly effective if you work in a creative field like photography or fashion.

Always use color palettes as a rule of thumb to make sure there are no clashing tones. If you have established brand colors, stick to those.

Otherwise, have at it until you find the perfect mix of pop and subtlety that work for you.

Think of Your Industry

Business card logos are not only a representation of your brand, but also the line of work you are in.

If your company is tech-based, try a grid system approach.

Make the lines of your logo straight and standard to reflect a power grid or computer desktop. Or, take it a step further and create a logo that reflects coding formats and styles.

On the other hand, the design for creative industries like photography and copywriting will be more abstract.

In such cases, incorporating a camera or writing tool may be of benefit.

Some photographers even include small pictures on their cards to compliment their logo. Fashion designers use pictures as a way to share their portfolios on their business cards, too.

Add a WOW Factor

The best business card logos boil down to two things – being memorable and adding something unexpected.

Everyone can recognize the Nike swoosh or the McDonald’s golden arches in the modern world. However, not all companies have the creative genius to make you do a double take like FedEx’s arrow or Tostito’s hidden party people.

Just when you think your logo is done, brainstorm the final touch.

What can you add to the shape, color, and font to make it all come together? Play with symbolism.

This may take time, but it results in something only your brand will be able to associate with its logo. The deeper meaning gives you an edge above competitors and resonates in the minds of consumers.

Your business card’s wow factor can also be the way you work a small space. Don’t be afraid to break the rules and play outside the lines of a typical shape.

Try your hand at creating visual effects like depth and 3D designs. Or, own the beauty a simple flat design template can create.

Either way, the key is to find what works for your logo and stick to it. A wow factor is anything that makes your logo stand out above the rest. When you discover it, you’ll know.

Test the Secrets to Smart Business Card Logos

There is no step-by-step manual to creative work, but our tips will definitely guide your climb on the ladder to visual success.

Take your time in every part of the process. Ask yourself if the base shape is something you can work well with as your logo goes through changes in color and text.

Then check and double check for the opportunity to stand out from the competition. Make sure your design reflects your industry without getting lost in the crowd.

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