Top 5 Best Sports Logos

Coming up with a good sports team logo is no easy task. But when you finally get your design right, you shouldn’t tinker with it.

The San Francisco 49ers learned this lesson the hard way. In 1991, the 49ers management unveiled a new helmet logo. It took less than a week for the team to scrap the design entirely due to outrage from fans.

Fortunately, there are plenty of good team logo designs as well. For example, the Milwaukee Bucks recently revitalized their franchise with a fresh logo.

However, regardless of the sport, certain logos will stand the test of time. Here’s a short list of the top 5 logos in the world of sports. Let’s find out which sports team logo rises above the rest!

5. Toronto Maple Leafs

The Toronto Maple Leafs prove that simplicity can sometimes be better. They embraced their heritage perfectly by snagging the maple leaf right off the Canadian flag.

The team unveiled an updated version of their logo in 2016. But the new logo is basically a combination of the 1963 and 1987 designs. That means it’s better than ever!

4. Oakland Raiders

Let’s take a trip from the North East to the West Coast, and change sports while we’re at it. You can find the Oakland Raiders logo on hats and jackets around the country.

The famous black and silver colors combo takes fans back to the team’s glory days in the 1980’s. Plus, the pirate in the logo serves as the inspiration for the costumes fans wear to Raiders games.

3. New York Yankees

Professional baseball dates back to 1869. Therefore, MLB teams tend to keep their logos nice and simple to pay homage to the league’s rich history. Somehow, this strategy works wonderfully.

The New York Yankees have kept the same primary logo since 1968. But no logo is more well-recognized than the famous “NY” logo found on their caps.

2. Detroit Red Wings

You know your logo is good if it has remained unchanged since the 1940’s. Outside of Maple Leafs and Blackhawks fans, most NHL fans are willing to admit how great the Red Wings logo is.

The Detroit Red Wings logo is simple yet distinctive and elegant. It also doesn’t hurt that the team won 11 Stanley Cups while donning it.

1. Golden State Warriors

For more than a decade, the Golden State Warriors struggled with one of the worst logos (and records) in the NBA. But things changed for the better when they unveiled their new logo in 2010. Since then, Golden State has enjoyed 3 Finals appearances and 2 NBA titles.

The Warriors’ logo features the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, which defines the Bay Area. In reality, the current logo is actually a throwback to the team’s beloved 1969 logo. However, it comes with a new, modern spin and a smoother color combo.

Designing a Good Sports Team Logo

There’s nothing wrong with drawing inspiration from successful logos. After all, you won’t find a specific formula for designing a good one. As this short list demonstrates, there are many different routes you can take.
However, a good sports team logo encapsulates the identity of a team. Fans embrace this by proudly displaying their team’s logo on bumper stickers, baseball caps, and t-shirts.
You can incorporate heritage or local landmarks in your sports team logo. You can also design a fierce logo that lets your competition know you’re not messing around. Just make sure your level of play backs it up.
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