How to Create Political Logos That Spark Conversation

political logos

When it comes to competing in politics, image is everything.

Giving off a professional, polished image will not only help you gain credibility, but it will also help to build a familiarity with you or your organization.

Creating this image starts with designing the perfect political logos.

You could pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for someone else to design your logo. Or, you could create your own.

If you want to create a political logo that sparks conversation about you, your organization, and your message, check out these tips!

Be transparent

The last thing that you want your political logos to do is spark confusion about who you are and what you represent.

Your logo should convey exactly who you are and what position you are running for or issue you are supporting.

Try to avoid creating a logo that closely resembles other candidates or parties. You don’t want viewers to be confused about who or what you are associated with.

At the same time, it’s okay to look at other successful political logos for inspiration.

Less is more

Keep it simple.

Overly complicated designs, or ones with too many words, will only confuse voters.

Instead, opt for a simple, sleek design that gets your message or name across in as few words as possible. Keep your color selection down to three or less, to avoid making the design too messy.

If you’re not sure where to start for a new logo, try using a template or pattern as a base. These can be a great way to get inspired and start creating a logo that will spark conversation and help you and your party win over voters!

Consider your brand

Political logos should do more than just get your message or name across. They should also match your company’s brand.

This includes matching your color scheme and utilizing any fonts that you or your party typically use.

Keeping the colors and fonts consistent will help voters connect your logo to you and your party more easily.

Keeping your brand in mind across all political logos will also help to strengthen brand awareness among voters year after year, as you campaign for different positions or support different issues.

Make sure it translates to print and the web

While creating your logo, it’s important to consider how the design will look across multiple formats.

When you’ve created a design that you like, try printing it on different types of paper, including glossy or matte prints, and on very large posters and smaller items. Pay attention to how the logo looks when stretched versus when it is small.

If you design the logo too small, it may become pixelated when you try to increase the size. But if you design a very large logo, it may be difficult to read it if is shrunk to a smaller format.

You’ll also want to consider how your logo looks on the web.

Start creating your own political logos today!

Now that you know what to do–and what not to do–when designing a political logo, it’s time to get started on your own!

If you’re still not quite sure how to get started, contact us today!