How to Make the Perfect Photography Logo

photography logo

If you’re a photographer, you have to make yourself stand out from your competitors. One way to do that is by creating a logo that shows customers and competitors alike who you are.

Your logo is the first impression many will have to your business. So let’s learn how to make the perfect photography logo.

Capture Your Brand with a Photography Logo

You’re a photographer which means you know how to capture the moment. You also know it’s about capturing the emotions behind the moment that makes a photo so special. Your brand is how you separate yourself from the pack of competitors.

Your logo shouldn’t be any different. So be your creative, unique self and figure out your niche.

Use Your Camera for the Image

As a photographer, your camera is your most important asset. Why not use that asset in your logo?


Make your camera logo stand out with creative imagery. Using another image (like rings if you shoot weddings) along with a camera can highlight your niche.


The most important part of your camera is the lens. But it’s not the only part of the camera. Showcase your individuality by picking a unique camera detail as your logo.

Your Name

Branding yourself is also a great idea. After all, you’re both an artist and a business, making a notable logo all the more important for you to have.

Try a wordmark or lettermark logo to let people know who you are. Get creative by adding a camera or lens within your name.

Eye Imagery

Without your eyes, your photos would not be very good. You also want to convey to customers that your unique eye is what makes you a great photographer.

Using animals with large eyes, like owls can help convey your keen eye for capturing the moment. Or try using a logo with spectacles or an all-seeing eye to capture their attention.

Be Unique

Most of all, set yourself apart from your competition. Don’t be afraid to use animals, designs, or other imagery that are meaningful to you but might not necessarily be associated with photography. After all, in every photograph, there’s always more there than meets the eye.

Select Your Photography Logo Color Theme

Even a black and white photographer knows that color is representative of emotions. Figure out what color or colors evoke the emotions you want your customers to feel when they think of your business.

Just don’t rely too heavily on color. Your logo will be used in a variety of different ways and on different materials. Too much color or the wrong color may make visibility difficult.

Think Ahead

If all goes well, you’ll be using your photography logo for a long time. So create a logo that will stand the test of time.

And one that will work effectively on all types of mediums from blogs to billboards to business cards. Make it legible so it’s easy to read. Lastly, your logo will need to look great no matter how small or large the size needs to be.

Keep things simple during the process and in no time, you’ll end up with a great looking logo that you’ll be able to use for many years.