How to Capitalize on Your Logos Hidden Meaning

logos hidden meaning

Have you noticed the hidden messages that are expressed by major companies around the world? Let’s take FedEx for example. Although it’s bold colors are eye-catching enough, there is also a lot of white space between the letters.

Did you ever see the arrow hidden between the “e” and the “x” in their bold logo design? If so, then you are great at looking for hidden clues in popular logos. If not, then keep reading so you can learn how to take what FedEx has done to incorporate hidden meaning in your future brand logo.

1. Logos Hidden Meaning Takes Time

A logo is a visual representation of what your company stands for and it needs to speak volumes without ever uttering a word. The logo for your brand is something that should take time to create because it will be the easiest way for your customers to identify your company in seconds.

There is a psychology behind developing every brand logos hidden meaning. Professional logo designers can be hired by your company to help you throughout the logo creation process. Don’t rush into picking the first logo that you come up with. Another tip is to look at what type of design your competitors use as their logo. This research can provide you with some direction.

2. Use Negative Space

As with the FedEx example, negative space is an essential design element that can draw attention to your logo. Companies use negative and positive space in their logos to create hidden meanings.

Negative space is used to create multiple meanings for just a single image. It is a brilliant way to put a focus on one object to define the boundaries that surround it. Use negative space as a tool to capitalize on creating hidden meanings for your own brand.

3. Stick to Black and White

Another way to conquer the world of logos hidden meaning with your own design is to stick to black and white.

For example, the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium made their logo an outline of a tree in black, with the images of a gorilla and lion alongside the tree trunk. This double meaning not only shows a large tree, but it illustrates what animals visitors can expect to see when they come to the zoo.

Having a simple black and white outline shows visitors more than one image. The zoo can capitalize on this hidden meaning because you can see the tree and the animals, which are two important characteristics to the zoo.

4. Incorporate Different Shapes

A boring logo only states your brand’s name, possibly set in a cursive font. These types of logos do not always stand out among the rest. Why not choose a logo that has hidden meaning with the use of shapes?

Popular logos hidden meaning designs use shapes to indicate who their brand is. Take the clothing line, Quicksilver for example. Thier female division of their clothing line is called Roxy. Roxy’s logo is a bright pink heart shape that appeals to women.

Think about what shapes appeal to your audience by doing some research behind masculine and feminine design ideas.

Final Thoughts

Your logo doesn’t have to be boring! A logos hidden meaning can be achieved by focusing on elements that make them stand out. Using negative space will make the boundaries of a graphic pop out and narrow in on the image. Black and white can be used to simplify a logo to focus on a few images at once. And finally, using shape to your advantage will ensure that your perfect audience is identifying what your brand is selling.