The 4 Tips You Need to Create a Perfect Logo Design

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Did you know, the first impressions of your business are formed in the first 10 seconds of seeing your logo? That’s why it is essential to create the perfect logo design for your business.

So, how do you grab the attention of potential customers? Great question, and, lucky for you, we have put together a few tips and tricks to help you out!

Tips and Tricks

1. Simplicity

A logo design should be memorable and stand out from the competition. But, that does not mean it should be complicated. Try to bring in outside influences, like the Nike brand does.

I mean, think about it, the Nike logo is a check mark– a representation of victory.

Named after the goddess of victory, the company successfully keeps their logo simplistic, while also providing a connection to the victorious goddess they are named after.

The design of your logo needs to be memorable enough that it can be easily drawn on a piece of paper. Just think about all the major brands out there today. There is not one logo of a major brand that even a beginner artist couldn’t draw if asked.

Going back to the Nike brand. The check mark is simple enough to be drawn on command. But it is also memorable enough to stick with customers, even if they only get a glance of the logo.

Through this association, the Nike brand successfully convey’s that their product will lead the wearer to victory. And who wouldn’t want to be victorious?

2. Color

Did you know that color can increase the brand recognition by 80%?

It’s true, putting certain colors together can make your audience feel differently. Here are a few to consider:

  • Red can represent love, power, anger, danger, heat, passion, warmth, or warnings.
  • Green can represent money, growth, envy, jealousy, healing, nature, and guilt.
  • Pink can represent health, happiness, love, femininity, immaturity, compassion, playfulness, and tranquility.
  • Yellow can represent happiness, creativity, intellect, the sun, energy, brightness, irresponsibility, and instability.
  • Black can represent evil, mystery, protection, drama, death, formality, and classiness.
  • White can represent innocence, winter, purity, freshness, cleanliness, coldness, distance, goodness, and simplicity.
  • Orange can represent courage, confidence, sluggishness, friendliness, success, and ignorance.
  • Purple can represent mystery, luxury, ambition, nobility, spirituality, creativity, and royalty.
  • Blue can represent tranquility, loyalty, coldness, fear, security, masculinity, trust, and intelligence.

Colors influence human reactions and emotions. Be sure you research the different effects of each color and keep them in mind when creating your logo.

3. Image and Shape

Reinforce your product or service, or the name of your company, through the image of the design.

Take a look at Burger King’s logo. The logo looks like a hamburger, reinforcing the name of the company as well as the product sold.

Another way to reinforce your logo is through the use of shapes. Certain shapes will convey different characteristics of your business.

Squares, for example, represent balance, security, and professionalism. Squares are in brands like Facebook, and Linkedin. Both are interested in portraying images of professionalism and balance.

Brands like BBC and Microsoft also use squares in their logos to represent a sense of security and professionalism.

Circles, on the other hand, can convey a sense of unity, community, and completion. As seen in logos from NASA, Starbucks, and LG.

4. Fonts

Using fonts is another great way to influence and reinforce an emotion to your audience. Take a look at Disney’s logo and basis. The basis of the company is the creation of happiness through magical and fun experiences.

To reinforce this idea, they use a font that is creative and fun. Think about how the company would be seen if they used a more serious and professional font. Their image would contradict the basis.

So before you start designing, think about your company and the message you want to convey.

Create Your Perfect Logo Design

90% of all purchasing decisions are made subconsciously. That means it is vital for businesses to make a logo design using every tool at their disposal. Those tools include color, shapes, fonts, and even names.

Not sure how to start or need the perfect design now? Let us know!

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