5 Tips for Using an Easy Logo Maker So It’s Still Easy

easy logo maker

Do you know that people can form an impression about a business or product in about 50 milliseconds? This means having a great, unique logo could be a key factor in your business’ success.

Logos serve as a communication method to tell people what you can offer them. They can also help build trust between potential investors or partners.

Are you ready to start using an easy logo maker to improve the branding of your business? Keep reading for five awesome tips when using a logo maker!

1. Consider the Type of Logo

You have options when considering a logo. There are three main types. First, there are font-based logos which mostly rely on text with some distinguishing element. Think of Sony for this.

Other logos are created to represent exactly what the company or product does. This would be like a coffee shop using a coffee mug as part of their logo.

Finally, logos can be abstract or graphic symbols. The best example of this would be Nike’s “swoosh” check mark. Consider which type will best suit your needs.

2. Choosing Colors to Use with an Easy Logo Maker

There are a few important considerations when choosing colors for logos. Colors should not be picked rashly. Color communicates just like text.

Be cautious of choosing too many colors for one logo. This is because printing price increases with additional colors.

It is also important that your logo translates well to black and gray. If you have eight colors in your logo, it may not look as appealing when printed in black and gray.

Be aware that some mediums like signs and other ads may have color limitations. Best bet? Do plenty of research beforehand.

3. Try Using a Clever and Complex Image

Consider using an image that can look like two or more items at the same time. The Vase or Face image is a classic example of this.

Whatever your business or product is, try to incorporate related elements into the logo. Own a seafood restaurant? Maybe work a fish silhouette into the text lettering.

4. Or Keep it Simple

While the above “optical illusion” logos can provide uniqueness and interest, sometimes it is best to go simple. These type of logos tend to withstand time and remain prevalent.

Think Apple and Nike. Simple, yet their logos are known worldwide.

5. Keep an Eye on the Competition

When designing a logo, be sure to take a look at your direct competition. Do they use simple designs or busy patterns? Think carefully how you can make your new logo stand apart from them.

Try to avoid things that are trending or being commonly used. Design trends change quickly and you don’t want to be forced to change your logo soon after creating it.

Once you create a logo, be sure to protect your hard work! Get it trademarked to protect it from other businesses, especially your competition!

No matter what your business is, keep these five tips in mind when you start to use an easy logo maker.