New to Business? These Startup Logos Will Inspire You

Startup Logos

Starting a new business? Take a break from the loads of paperwork, negotiations, and industry research and work on something a little more fun.

Let’s talk about your logo!

If no one’s heard of your brand before, you’ll want to wow them with a design that’s all your own.

We know, that’s easier said than done. After all, you’re still in the early stages of putting together your business identity, so translating it into an image might sound near impossible.

The good news is, there are tons of companies that developed startup logos full of personality and character, so let’s learn from them.

Take a look at a few of our favorites below for inspiration.

1. Cheddar

Looking for the latest business news, straight from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange? Cheddar’s your go-to digital guide.

So why is the logo a block of cheese? And why does it have holes if it’s cheddar, not Swiss?

Founder Jon Steinberg reveals it was an attempt to get people talking and generate marketing buzz.

The takeaway? Don’t be afraid to be creative, and think a little outside of your industry niche.

A logo of a newspaper would have been more fitting for a journalism media company, yes, but no one would be talking about that (or eating it) around the breakfast table.

2. Dropbox

If literal startup logos are more your jam, Dropbox is a great example of how to do them right.

The file storing site chose a design of an open blue box to represent its cloud storage capabilities.

The reason this one works so well? It’s simple, clean-lined, and to-the-point.

Putting your information into the cloud requires a step of faith. You want to make sure the brand offering the services is reliable and trustworthy. A fanciful, multi-colored logo might be off-putting in this scenario.

If your startup is tech-focused, consider keeping your logo as minimal as possible to convey professionalism and constancy.

3. Snapchat

Yep, that’s a ghost, but there’s a reason behind it.

Snapchat is an app that allows users to send multimedia messages back and forth. Once those messages are viewed, they disappear.

Like a … you guessed it.

This is an example of taking your business offering and considering it from a new, interesting perspective.

Is there an easily recognized object or symbol whose connotation fits into your identity? How can you put your own creative spin on it, if so?

Remember to keep it age-appropriate to your key audience. Snapchat’s ghost, for instance, isn’t a scary one. It’s a quirky little, animated number without a face, delivering a powerful marketing punch that’s all in good humor.

4. 42 Floors

Sometimes, company names can be great sources of inspiration for startup logos.

Take a look at the way your name looks when you write it down. Could the letters intersect in a cool way? What about numbers?

Take 42 floors, for instance.

The online real estate company, which provides visibility into commercial properties, made use of the “4” and “2” in its name, turning the numbers into a graphical office building with space for rent.

In this case, there wasn’t even a need for an actual logo design, as the name took care of itself! This is also a great way to make sure your brand name stays top-of-mind with your consumers.

Play around with your company name and see what kind of cool formation you can create — just make sure to keep it legible and easy to recognize in the process.

5. GitHub

Want to generate brand buzz and help build your corporate identity?

Creating a logo-inspired character is a great place to start.

Take GitHub‘s “Octocat” for instance.

The leading software development platform could have easily chosen a basic design when creating its startup logo, but chose to go a different route, putting the company name in a simple black font, with a half cat/half octopus graphic next to it.

Strange? Yes. Effective? Absolutely.

The company’s marketing initiatives even center on the Octocat concept. Web visitors can buy t-shirts, water bottles, figurines and more with his likeness.

And what happens when clients have that swag on their desks? People ask them about it, and the conversation begins.

6. MailChimp

Let’s talk about typography!

Sometimes, the best logos are those that simply make use of a creative font for the company name.

MailChip is a beautiful example of this.

The marketing automation software company’s design is one of those startup logos that’s instantly recognizable.

With a cursive font that’s still totally legible and professional, the design puts the emphasis on the company itself without the distraction of other graphics.

Of course, if you go to their app or website, you’ll be greeted by a cheerful chimp, who is also included in most of their marketing collateral.

This is a great way to strategically incorporate the more playful parts of your campaign. If you’ve got a company mascot, feel free to integrate him or her into your logo as necessary, but it never hurts to have a name that can stand on its own.

7. Estimote

When retailers want to affix in-shop beacons that broadcast discounts and deals to shoppers, Estimote gives them the means to do so.

It comes as no surprise, then, that the brand’s logo is a group of colorful beacons arranged in an abstract grouping.

The design mimics the real-life beacons, which are colorful, geometric shapes that are both eye-catching and practical.

Is your startup product a physical object rather than an online service? If so, consider ways you can represent that object in your logo design.

Doing so can help your audience discern the services you provide and make your brand easy to recognize.

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