Making the Most Out of Your Mental Health Logo

mental health logo

Nearly 19% of the adult population have some form of mental illness in the United States. However, facilities are all over the country help these individuals cope.

As a mental health non-government organization (NGO), it is important that your mental health logo conveys your advocacies and beliefs. Here’s how.

Design Your Mental Health Logo in Monochrome First

Yes, we understand that this sounds tedious and unnecessary, but bear with us. Despite your first impressions, this method helps you see your logo in a different light and the following shows you why.

Identity Without Dependencies

Your logo should allow your clients to recognize your NGO at first glance, even without colors to identify your brand.

With a strong cohesion of your NGO’s identity with the logo’s design, your clients can identify your logo despite alterations done to it. Remember, colors should enhance your mental health logo and not hijack your logos identity.

Diversity in Media

Chances are, your logo will end up on monochromatic media. Whether it’s a flyer for events or a newspaper advertisement, your logo should still maintain its identity. When you design in monochrome, it allows you to see what to expect from your logo in these types of media.

Now that you have a design that’s versatile in multiple situations, it’s time to fill it in with colors that suit your organization or business ethics.

Picking colors for your logo isn’t only for looks. How can you get the color to work with your mental health logo?

Make Sure Your Logo Represents Your Mental Health NGO

Using these tips, you can give a lot of information to your client about your NGO using your logo. With the combination of colors, shapes, and typefaces, you can convey emotions or values to your client.

Even though it’s difficult to make a logo from scratch, a well thought out logo can make your NGO more memorable for your clients. Knowing the benefits of this, how can you interpret this in your logo and what can color do for you?

Know What Each Color Means in Business

There are more colors than emotions that an individual can feel. Colors are closely paired with these emotions and can make an impact on your mental health logo. The following are the effects of basic colors on your logo.

Recommended Colors

These are the suggested colors for your logo according to its association with the healthcare industry. With the use of these colors, you can give your clients the right impression of your business using colors alone.


This color signifies your sophistication and it shows your clients that you acknowledge the complexity of the human mind, down to synapse.


This color gives off vibes of trust, dependability, and security. This is popular in the healthcare industry because it conveys to your client that they can feel comfortable knowing they are being properly taken care of.


This color represents energy and has an optimistic tone. Using this color can boost the liveliness of your logo and have your clients feeling that you promote vitality


This color represents clarity and shows to your clients that your NGO values clearness of mind.

Questionable and Unpopular Colors

You should put in some consideration before using the following colors for your mental health logo. Add this color with caution when creating your logo, as it may cause the client to have different impressions.


While this color symbolizes energy and can go well with your mental health logo, it can cause feelings of aggression. It does find its way into the logos for Red Cross, which does open the doors for you to use it for your organization too.


This color may give off a fresh vibe and cause your client to have feelings of calmness and serenity. However, if paired with the wrong colors, it can cause impressions of dullness


Even though this color can give a feeling of simplicity and durability, brown can also associate with dirt and uncleanliness which can negatively impact your clients.


This color represents positivity, warmth, and creativity but can be a double-edged sword if used in a bad combination which could cause a feeling of panic.


This color can give feelings of timelessness, but if used a lot in your mental health logo, it could cause clients to feel lifeless when overwhelmed.

Knowing the right combination of colors for your NGO can be beneficial to your mental health logo. It can make your logos more memorable and can attract more people to your cause.

Compare Your Logo to the Competition

After you finish building your logo, it’s a good idea to make side by side comparisons. By doing this, you can get a feel for your client’s perspective. The first step is to find the other mental health NGO’s in the area and note them down.

After you’ve gathered a list of your competitors, find the logos for each and put them in one area. Note down observations you make with these logos by having another individual tell you their first impressions so you can adjust to their feedback.

Lasting Impressions for Mental Health

You can have the perfect logo for your mental health NGO by following this guide. When viewing your logo in monochrome, it can show if your logo is media-diverse or designed well enough to be easily identified.

You can make a memorable logo that represents your mental health NGO by interpreting its values, advocacies, and ethics. It’s important to know that you can use colors to convey this to your client. Lastly, you can grab second opinions and first impressions but make side by side assessments with logos from your competition.

Do you have concerns about your current mental health logo? Do you want to know how to make your logo better? Feel free to contact us and we’ll help you get started designing the best logo for your organization.