How to Make a Stand-Out Consulting Logo

consulting logo

What if you could win more customers over as soon as they see your name?

It sounds like a fantasy come true. You can make this fantasy a reality by creating a great consulting logo.

Such a logo becomes an icon for your business and your advertisements. A good logo wins customers over with a glance and has long-lasting appeal.

Read on to discover the secrets of the perfect logo.

What Makes a Good Consulting Logo?

There are many qualities to a good logo. This includes the logo being unique so customers only associate it with your brand.

The logo should also creatively blend background colors and the color for your font. This helps the logo frame your business name and other important info.

Finally, your art should be original and vibrant. If your designs look like they came off an assembly line, prospective customers will pass you over for another consultant.

Keep reading to figure out how to design the perfect logo for your consulting business!

Do Your Research

The first part of designing a great logo involves doing research. Specifically, you need to research your competition.

Pick your strongest local competitors and analyze the logos they use. Pay close attention to color and font choices as well as common artistic themes.

Designing your own logo is a delicate balancing act. You must take the best of these other logos and create something new.

For instance, it’s wise to research color motifs for your area. You should pair unique color with bold font choices or bold art to help your own logo stand out from the competition.

Also pay attention to how your rivals use their logo. You’ll want a design that can easily go on things like billboards, t-shirts, and newspaper advertisements.

What’s In a Name?

You should carefully select the text that is featured in your logo. Regardless of your other choices, the logo should prominently feature your name or the name of your consulting business.

The primary function of a good logo is to build your brand. This means having customers instantly associate the logo with your company.

Using your name helps to easily build your brand. It also makes your business seem like it has more of a personal touch.

This is important to many customers and especially important to Millennials. This demographic longs to feel like they have a relationship with companies.

Choosing the Best Font

Fonts effectively give personality to your text. It’s important to choose the right font in order to give the right message to your customers.

One example is the Comic Sans font. This is a cartoon-like font that is associated with childish humor. Using this font for your logo turns off customers who are expecting someone highly professional.

You’ll likely want to use Sans Serif or another modern font. These are associated with stability and style. These are the qualities that your prospective customers will be looking for when it comes to hiring a consultant.

The Importance of Color

The most important thing about a good consulting logo is that it stands out. And the best way to make it stand out is through careful use of color.

Like the font, color signifies a kind of personality for your company. Blue means business, while black means sophistication. And red can convey both strength and warmth.

The color should complement the actual text you use. If your slogan involves how strong your consulting is, a dark red would help project strength.

Color is also a great way to set yourself apart from the local competition. If all of them favor a certain color, then doing something different will make you seem bold and new.

The Impact of Imagery

Be careful with any imagery you use in the logo. This is likely to be the first thing that the customer focuses on.

Because of this, the image should complement things like the text. A good image might be subtly angled to draw a customer’s attention to your business name or slogan.

The image should be original. Things like basic clipart make your consulting company look cheap and generic.

Make sure the image tells the customer something about your company. Typically, images are extensions of your slogan. Viewing both the slogan and the image lets prospective customers know what your business is all about.

Careful Layout

The layout is what brings everything together. After you have decided on things like color, font, and images, you must figure out how all of it will connect.

Choose a layout based on the primary places you will display your logo. This determines whether the layout style is simple or complex.

A simple layout is best for traditional forms of advertisement such as billboards and other signs. It lets customers understand everything at a glance.

A complex layout works better for print ads or internet ads. Customers can look at the image longer and process everything in their own time.

Hire a Professional

There are many different elements of a good consulting logo. Unless you are also a design specialist, it will be difficult to do all of these things on your own.

Consider hiring a professional for some or all of the design aspects. For instance, a local artist can help you bring any images for your logo to vibrant life.

And professional design companies have industry experience researching and designing other logos. Hiring professionals to put it all together is one of the best ways to make your logo completely unique.

The Bottom Line

The best logo design understands changing design trends. Unfortunately, these trends are changing every year. It’s easy for a consultant to overlook these changes and create a logo that already looks out of date.

At DIY Logo, we are specialists when it comes to the design of your logo. We provide a steady stream of new design tricks to make sure your consulting logo looks sleek and stylish.

To see how we can help your business stand out, come check out the logo design choices that will dominate 2018 today!