How to Make a Logo Stand Out

Creating a logo for your business is both a creative adventure and critical building block.

A good logo reflects something you are passionate about, but it also needs to match the values and products of the company. It is a way to convey a message and claim your place in the market.

Although logos do a lot, they do not necessarily take a lot to create. Logo design is not as intimidating as it sounds.

Here Are Four Tips on How to Make a Logo Stand Out

1. Go Back to the Brief

To make a good logo, you have to know what it represents beyond your company.

What kind of feeling should the logo create? Are you going a fun, dynamic route or down a safer path?

There are no set guidelines on how to make a logo, and that can mean trying a lot of different things at random.

The creative brief gives you a place to come back to when nothing is working. It also keeps the audience in mind, not just your creative preferences.

By first defining where the logo is headed, you get there much easier.

2. Everything Is Black and White

Okay, not everything. But, the best logo design starts there.

A black and white foundation brings the logo to life by focusing on the design first. Keeping color out of the equation makes you able to focus on the logo’s visual appeal and ability to adapt.

It saves steps along the way, too.

Black and white is the blank slate of your finished logo.

It is much easier to play with colors and tones for hours later on, once you know what you are working with. From there, a pop of color is the final touch.

3. Understand Size and Structure

Always keep in mind where your logo is going. Hint, it will be everywhere.

Your logo has to be small enough to print on a business card and large enough to blow up on a billboard. It needs to transfer well on to your website, as a watermark, printed on a shirt, and maybe even wrapped on a car.

There are some ratios to know to better understand how to make a logo.

A logo that is too wide or too narrow in comparison to its height looks odd. Circle logos on the other hand typically perform very well.

Make a logo that works in many forms so it can grow with your company.

4. Keep It Simple

The most stand-out logos are usually the most simple.

McDonald’s is recognized around the world just with two golden arches. Apple’s technology can be recognized by one symbol.

A good logo grabs the attention of potential customers in a split second. They are more likely to remember something that they do not have to decipher, so leave tag

Simplicity is easy to understand and it is timeless.

Your company is likely to experience changes over the years. It will grow and evolve and adapt to the market. Sometimes, you change your logo too.

However, the more you understand how to make a logo from the get-go will make a lasting impact on how it stands out over time.