5 Tips for Creating Brand Logos That Stand Out

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When you think of McDonald’s, the golden arches are what you immediately associate with the popular fast food chain. Color, shape, texture, and size-these are all elements of brand logos that should be taken into consideration to make your logo stand out.

Your logo is your visual identity. Brand logos need to graphically express what your company is all about. We want to make your business look great, so let’s get started.

We’ve gathered our top 5 tips for creating brand logos that will make yours a memorable one.

1. Set Up a Focus Group

Your loyal and new customers are who you are trying to reach, so their opinions matter. Setting up a way to receive critical feedback from those who shop at your store or buy your goods is essential. A focus group is one option that you can consider to guide you through creating a unique brand logo.

Start the focus group by sharing your potential logo in various colors, sizes, and designs. Involving your audience in the brand development process will not only help you narrow down your best logo designs, but it will ensure that your customers will continuously recognize your company as soon as they see it. As a marketer, you need to think about who is going to purchase your product and how you can reach them.

2. Create Hidden Symbols

Have you ever really looked at the logo for FedEx before? You may have missed its clever hidden message. The bright purple and orange font definitely make their logo stand out, but the hidden arrow that is nestled between the “e” and the “x” is a genius move. As a courier service, they are always quite literally moving forward, and the arrow perfectly represents that element of their company. Instead of limiting themselves to just one meaning, they threw in another hidden message by incorporating an arrow, which is a great marketing tool.

3. Keep It Simple

The reason why Apple products are identified by just an apple is that simplicity works. Brand logos should be powerful on their own without the need to add too much extra fluff to the graphic. Apple doesn’t have “Apple” written on everything because their logo speaks for itself and is insanely recognizable by the world. Keep your colors simple, too.

4. Color Matters For All Brand Logos

When it comes to developing the best brand logos, keep your colors simple, too. Nobody wants to look at a confusing mash-up of bright colors. 85% of customers surveyed say that color influences whether or not they purchase a product.

The psychology of color is fascinating and has been studied for decades. Different colors will offer different emotions. For example, using the color red in your brand logo will harness the positive effects of strength, warmth, masculinity, and excitement. On the other end, it can also be seen as aggressive. The color blue is described as an intellectual color that radiates calmness, trust, and logic.

Choosing the right colors is another important factor to consider when you develop your brand logo.

5. Hire a Designer

While you may be business savvy, there are some elements to a business that we sometimes must leave to the professionals. When it comes to your brand logo, hiring a designer may be a great option.

Professional logo makers know what works. The team of logo makers will research what types of designs will sell your products the best. Trusting professionals is another way to make sure that your brand logo stands out.

Final Thoughts

At diylogo, we specialize in fast and easy logo design. Our logo maker will guide you through the steps to create your own logo regardless of design experience.