Ready? Refresh! The Right Way to Do a Custom Logo Redesign

logo redesign

An effective logo is an essential part of any digital marketing strategy.

Deciding to embark on a logo redesign is not an easy decision to make, but sometimes it is very necessary.

Your logo may be dated, or your target demographic may have changed. Either way, if you decide to update your logo, you should do it the right way.

This is the best way to approach a custom logo redesign:

Think about your company. Have your business goals changed? Have the people you are trying to appeal to changed?

Knowing how you are being perceived in your market is essential to deciding how you will market your company. If your brand doesn’t have the best reputation, you may want to change more than just the colors.

Your target audience is key when deciding what works with your existing logo and what needs to be revised. If your customers identify with your logo and associate quality with its image, you may want to think twice about doing a logo facelift.

But you should definitely be receptive to change. Too many businesses fail to effectively market themselves because they are unwilling to adapt to shifting circumstances within their market. If something isn’t working, it has to go.

Try a gradual approach. See how you like changing minor details, like the colors, lettering, or the emblem. Again, keep your consumer base in mind.

If you want to appeal to a younger base, try using brighter colors that indicate energy and enthusiasm. If you want your logo to have a more professional sheen, then make sure your design is uncomplicated, yet regal.

Approaching a logo redesign through the eyes of your customers is the only way to ensure that your logo is a success. Failing to do so can result in negative feedback that can be catastrophic for your business.

Embarking on a logo redesign is essentially a public relations issue. How drastic do the changes to your logo need to be to improve your sales?

If your company has struggled with customer relations and does not have a favorable reputation in your market, you might want to think of completely revamping your logo.

If your company has already built credibility in your market, then a complete logo overhaul can actually result in a reduction of sales.

Commit to the Changes

Once you decide on a finished logo, it is essential that you commit to the changes you make. This means that you need to replace the logo on all of your marketing and promotional materials.

Too often, companies are not thorough when they change the way they market themselves, causing confusion among their consumer base.

After you decide on a logo, you should be uniform in the way that you unveil your rebrand to the public.

Redesigning your logo can be a tough choice, but changes to your business are often necessary to stay ahead of the curve.

If you want some guidance during your redesign process, feel free to contact us!