Why You Should Use PNG Files in Your Logo Design

PNG files

Looking for the logo that will boost your customer base and reputation?

Logos are essential to all aspects of your business success. They are a great way to channel your team values, get a message across, and attract customers. The most successful logos have meaningful and powerful images.

When designing your logo, it’s important to choose the right image file. In this post, learn why PNG files (Portable Network Graphics) are the best bet for your logo design over JPEGs and GIFs.

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Why You Should Use PNG Files in Your Logo Design

1. PNG files give you the best of both worlds when it comes to color.

JPEG and GIF files both can display hundreds and/or thousands of colors. The great thing about PNGs is that they display colors the way both JPEGs and GIFs do. PNGs, however, do it better!

PNGs, depending on the type, can work from over sixteen million 24-bit colors. This means that your logo design can literally include any hue or color you dream up. GIFs, on the other hand, are more suited for still or simple images that don’t have a lot of complex color.

While JPEGs are good for more complex coloring, they still don’t have quite the reach that PNGs do with color.

2. No image is too complex for the PNG.

If you are dealing with more detailed photographs or images, the PNG file is the way to go.

No file is too large for the might PNG. Additionally, no file is too small. When compressing PNG files, you don’t lose any data due to what’s called lossless compression.

JPEGs and GIFs are both limited at some point by file size. A JPEG, for example, can typically be compressed only a handful of times before data loss occurs. Some files are too large to be converted to JPEG. GIFs can be small, but PNGs can be even smaller.

3. Transparency and flexibility.

A lot of business logos require flexibility, because most business owners want their logo to be on different types of surfaces and backgrounds. Logos can be placed on signs, sides of buildings, stationary, websites, or anywhere you want them to be.

PNG files give you the flexibility you need in this respect. You can adjust the transparency of any PNG to go from entirely see-through to opaque, or anywhere in-between. This makes your logo image perfect for any background.

PNG Is Your Answer

When it comes to using images in your logo design, PNGs are definitely your best bet. They give you endless options when it comes to color, and you won’t be limited by image complexity or transparency. The PNG file will meet all of your design needs, while JPEGs and GIFs can only go so far.

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