5 Logo Designer Tips on Color Choice You Need to Know

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Your business, organization or sports team needs to stand out. In order to do so, you need a strong branding, and the cornerstone of branding is your logo. One of the key elements of a good logo is color.

But, which color is best for your logo needs? Read on to find out 6 incredible logo designer tips on the science of using color effectively in your logo.

A color for each emotion

Color psychology is real and affects customer decisions in big ways. According to a comprehensive analysis by Kissmetrics, the visual appearance of a product affects 93% of all potential customers, and from that, 85% is color!

Moreover, it’s been proven that different colors are associated with different emotions in the minds of people, so by using the right color, you convey the right message to the right audience.

Simple, right? Let’s see how you can use some colors to your logo designer advantage:

1) Blue

Associated with the calmness of the clear sky and the coolness of the sea, blue has been shown to calm the senses and stimulate trust and security. Companies use blue color in their logos to show trustworthiness or tout their meticulousness. Famous logo designer blue examples include not only Skype, Facebook, and LinkedIn, but also Wallmart and American Express.

2) Red

The color of fire and passion, red excites and entices, urging people to be adventurous. Red is associated with love, energy and danger, but also with health and life itself. Famous logos using red prominently include food companies such as Kellogg’s, Heinz, and Coca Cola, as well as game and toys companies such as Lego and Nintendo.

3) Yellow

The color of the sun, yellow is a warm color that invites people to open up and engage in communication. It’s also a friendly and cheerful color that may stimulate feelings of optimism and hope. Famous examples of logos leveraging the power of yellow include National Geographic, Nikon, DHL, and Hertz.

4) Orange

The color of excitement and summer fun, orange is used to show warmth. Major brands such as Amazon, Hooters, Harley & Davidson, and Mozilla Firefox all use orange to build confidence.

5) Green

The color of nature and good luck, green is used by many healthcare-related companies, as well as food brands to build trust and establish a connection with the natural world. Famous brands using green for that effect include: Land Rover, Starbucks, Holiday Inn, and-of course, Green Giant.

6) Purple

The color of royalty, mystery and wisdom, purple is used to add perceived value or introduce a mystical or royal dimension to a logo. Popular bands relying on purple to convey a clear message include: Cadbury’s, Yahoo!, and Hallmark.

Taking color to the next level with a professional logo designer

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