Design Rules You Need When You Use A Free Logo Creator

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You know logos when you see them. You instinctively know whether you like them or not. Sometimes they seem like a “good” logo, and sometimes not.

But do you know why you feel that way?

It turns out there are a variety of design rules that help make logos effective. If you’re going to use a free logo creator to make your logo, be sure you follow these guidelines.

Understand What Your Logo Does

A logo is much more than a pretty picture. It is the face of your brand. It’s the first thing a customer sees when they visit your company’s website.

Your logo portrays the emotion and personality of your brand. You’ll want to keep this in mind when choosing colors, characters, shapes, and more.

Brainstorm Your Design

Jumping straight into logo creation without much thought can be tempting. However, you need to do some preliminary designs first. Your free logo creator can help make it official.

This can be as simple as grabbing a pencil and paper, or as complex and creating online artwork and passing it between designers. Either way, take some time to brainstorm, so you know you’re coming up with the right design for your organization.

Keep it Balanced

A logo that “feels good” to a viewer has visual balance. The weight of the graphic, both in terms of shapes and colors, should be equal on each side.

You may be tempted to think that it’s more creative to break the balance rule and design something more unique. Unfortunately, you may find that drives away customers. Your logo is art, but it’s designed to appeal to a large group of people. Keep it simple and balanced for maximum impact.

Make it Memorable

When your logo is designed correctly, it ties in with your brand, products, and services. This means that it’s memorable and helps your customers remember who you are what you do.

In school, students are taught to use mnemonic devices to remember important facts. Key images or physical reminders help people remember how long the months of the year are or the order that the colonies became states.

In the same way, your logo is a mnemonic device for your company. It should be easy to remember and linked to your brand identity.

Use a Free Logo Creator to Check Scale

A good logo needs to look crisp and clear at a variety of sizes. Your logo creator software can help you double check. Scale your image to a variety of sizes and see how it looks.

Does it pop when sized for a banner? Can you tell what it is when scaled down for a pen? Does it keep its clarity in between? If so, you have an excellent, usable logo.

There are many more ways to ensure your logo is effective, but these rules are the foundation. Understand your goals and brainstorm ideas. Keep your design simple, balanced, and memorable. Finally, check it at a variety of sizes using a free logo creator.

You don’t have to walk through your brand creation alone. If you’d like help creating the perfect logo and brand image, we’re here to help. Contact us today!