Use a Logo Generator to Create a Simple, Stunning Logo

It may be a star burst, paw print, heart, or some unusual blob, but a logo is a first and most lasting way your prospective and current customers identify with you. Choosing a logo can be a messy and time-involving process from colors to sizes to text placement, which is why taking a logo generator for a test drive may be the best way to get your design locked down.

Add a Logo Generator to Your Team

Whether your company consists of you or a whole team of people, one “staffer” you may want to onboard immediately is a logo generator.

No, we don’t mean a human one. (Think of the salary, overhead, and office supplies you’ll save!)

We mean incorporating the use of a logo generator site.

When you use an online site to make logos, you benefit from:

  • Instant visibility of exact color changes (such as Pantone hues to match your exact corporate requirements)
  • On-screen tools for cropping, warping, shading, and shadowing
  • Ability to resize to specific pixel requirements, which can be essential for creating different logo sizes for social media and other websites
  • Changing the logo piece by piece without having to start over again from scratch
  • No expensive photo or art-editing software to install
  • Privacy and security – your logo is your logo until you erase it from the site!

Logos That are No-Gos

Our world has changed since early days of graphic design.

Back then, sure, there were some ugly logos that probably could have benefitted from a logo generator – but they didn’t exist back then.

Instead, companies privately suffered their pain and humiliation from bad choices.

These days, there’s no such thing as privacy when you’re public.

If your logo fails, people know about it.

Instantly, and possibly forever.

In fact, colleges incorporate logo lessons into their graphic design classes, and you do not want to end up like Pepsi, the Gap, Kraft, and Tropicana, whose bad logos now live in infamy.

A Word on Words

One way that a logo generator can become your best friend is that it gives you insight into logo potential you may never have even thought of (you know, because you’re running a business?!).

For example, a good generator will let you incorporate text into your logo.

What’s this?

That’s right, texting is not just for cell phones anymore!

Many successful logos have incorporated text (letters) into their designs and some have even made their entire logo out of a word or two.

Don’t get this confused with a slogan or tagline (but don’t worry, logo generator tools won’t let you!)

Your Logo is Ready to Go(go)

If you’re still stumped on trying to create a logo, good news!

Connect with us here¬†and we’ll help you get started on a logo generator that will create something ideal and unique for your business.

Sometimes, it just helps to take a step back and get a fresh eye on what you’re working with.

Change your logo “oh no” to “it’s a go” with a few simple clicks!

Lets make you your market leader