Logo Design 101: Choosing the Best Marketing Fonts

best marketing fonts

The logo of your company is super important. Can you really design it yourself?

Twitter had their little birdy designed for a mere $15. Gas giant BP spent a remarkable $180 million on its newest sunflower burst logo.

It’s possible to create a great logo for a small financial investment but there is a lot that goes into it you may not be considering. Everything about a logo matters.

As you start to design you will realize color matters, the overall look of the logo, and it is super important to pick the best marketing fonts. All of these factors influence your potential customer.

Here, we talk about the beginning of the process. We discuss how to choose the best font for your company and what you want to accomplish.

Let’s get started helping you to build an amazing logo!

Choosing The Best Marketing Fonts For Your Company Logo

How Fonts Make People Feel

This may surprise you but, your favorite companies could be your favorite for very subtle reasons. It may come down to how the writing of their name makes you feel.

When you think about the most iconic logos, the Coca-Cola can, the golden arches of McDonald’s, the blue and grey of FedEx, how do you feel?

The flowy lettering of the Coca-Cola can could make you think of summer’s as a child but deeper, it makes you imagine the feeling of the soda flowing down your throat. The swoops and curves remind you of liquid.

The golden arches make you feel welcomed, rounded and friendly, almost like arms getting ready for a hug. The bold and clear FedEx logo giving you a sense of dependability and reliability in its strong structure.

People judge the business and people behind it based on these feelings.

Think about the last time you received an email from a business associate. Their signature was probably made up of either Verdana or Helvetica typefaces. These have become trusted fonts.

Now, how would it make you feel about the associate if their signature was formatted in Comic Sans? Exactly.

Font choice matters, a lot.

Hey, Can You Read This?

Consider your business and your demographic. Will you someday want billboards? Are you planning on doing most of your marketing online? Want flying plane banners for your company?

For any of these to be effective people need to be able to read the ads.

When you are in the middle of hunting font choices make sure you are getting other opinions. You love and know your business inside and out. You know the name, you picked it!

But, for others not familiar with you or your brand name will they be able to read it? Make sure you are testing each font option for clarity. Look at it from all angles, from close and far away, sometimes things look different seen from across the room.

Love a script font? Make sure you pair it with a contrasting color background so that it really pops. Contrasting colors help with readability by tricking the eye.

Ask for lots of opinions, even consider doing a focus group. The last thing you want is to be the next meme of what the heck does this say.

Font Combinations: How To Do It Right

Font combos are super on trend right now. Everyone is wearing a shirt with power fonts and modern calligraphy fonts combined.

This look isn’t that easy to get right. It takes some thought and comparison to make sure you maintain readability and visual appeal. Doing this wrong can turn people off and make it look too busy.

Make sure you have a strong serif or sans serif font base to start with. For instance, if your company name is “Edison’s Bagel House” you wouldn’t want the whole thing to look the same.

You want to think about what’s most important for clarity and impact. Your logo should make it super clear that you make bagels. You should always highlight your specialty. So, you should put “bagel house” in a bold and clear serif font. “Edison’s” is the less important part of the name but it gives the personal feel to the brand.

Put “Edison’s” in a handwritten style scripted font. That way it looks like your personal signature is on every bagel. It feels homey and comforting. Like Edison could be your grandpa.

If you flipped it and did the opposite people would just be wondering who Edison is and not understand what the shop was. It would be hard to read small scripted words below a bold typeface name.

Remember to also play with the size and shape of the lettering. Even the spacing between letters can give you a completely different feel.

Your First, and Perhaps Only, Chance To Make An Impression

Your logo is the one thing you have to get people to remember you. It’s what people will think about whenever they think about your company.

Make them feel something great about your business and what you do from the first moment. Use the combination of fonts, stylization, and color combos in your logo to hook your customers. Consider your logo from all angles, large and small, imagine it in many different circumstances.

If this is seeming like it may be a little too much to handle all on your own that’s understandable. This is an important, maybe the most important, element of your branding.

Before you hire a professional try to be creative and use some different options. Using a service to help you create your logo simply could be a great idea. These services have logo generators that remind you of all the important elements.

Interested in finding out more about inexpensive but amazing logo generation? Contact us here. We can give you tips and tricks and point you in the right direction to get your business to stand out in your industry.

First impressions can never be done over so make sure you have your logo right, appealing, and memorable from the very beginning.