A List of Famous Logos For Logo Creation Inspiration

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In any discipline, we study the masters to learn how to do things right. Basketball players look up to Michael Jordan just like investment strategists are willing to shell out over $2 million to have lunch with Warren Buffett.

We all need some inspiration. And for small business owners and entrepreneurs focused on logo creation the same is true.

You need to study the best logos in the world to get a sense of where to go with your own logo design. One thing these logos share is they are associated immediately with a brand.

Logo creation goes beyond pictures and words. It conjures a1.  feeling and an association with a brand.

Here’s how the experts got there:

Logo Creation Doesn’t Need To Be Expensive

Before you start off thinking that a great logo means you need to break the bank, forget it. You can make an instantly recognizable logo to build your brand for under $20.

That’s what Twitter did. Their logo is among the most recognizable in the world today and their user base is quite large.

But their original logo design cost $15 to make. The important part of a logo is that it works, not that you need to spend a lot to get there.

Instantly Recognizable

What do the designs of famous logos like Apple, IBM, Google, and Coca-Cola have in common? Not much at first glance– as they employ vastly different color schemes and line work to create an image associated with their brand.

But research has shown that you can carve off a small part of their logo and people will still recognize the brand right away.

Learning from the experts means creating a logo design that goes beyond pictures, colors, or words. If you can let your logo stand out in a way that it is always recognizable you will go a long way toward building your brand.

Watch for Imitation

Another great way to recognize quality in logo creation is how often it is imitated. Brands like Rolex are so associated with quality that forgers work painstakingly to imitate the logo.

And why not? The Rolex logo design has become synonymous with quality. Above all other watch brands, Rolex is recognized for holding their value over time.

The Cadillac of Cadillacs

We have all heard the phrase “the Cadillac of…”

That’s because Cadillac continues to be associated with the best there is. This is a function of the quality of their brand and the instant recognition of the Cadillac logo.

Slow to Evolve

Winning logos are slow to evolve. Surely they adjust over time to reach a bigger market and stay with the times, but the best logos are slow to change.

In the case of Cadillac, it was news the last time they tinkered with their logo design. Recognizing the best logos means seeking out long-standing quality brands that are slow to change.

The Top Logos

Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Nike
  • Starbucks
  • Gap
  • BP
  • NBC
  • FedEx
  • Beats by Dre

What are some of yours? Make sure you let us know in the comments below! And if you need help crafting your logo, get in touch.