Vital Tips For Creating the Ultimate Law Logo

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When you think about major companies like Apple, McDonald’s, Target, or Sprint, odds are that their logo is one of the first things that you think of.

There’s a reason for this.

Each of these companies has invested countless dollars into creating logos that are easily recognizable.

While your law firm might not be targeting the same markets as these companies, it’s still important to create a logo that is easily recognizable, unique, and effective.

But if you don’t have experience in creating logos, figuring out how to do this can be a serious challenge.

That’s why we’ve compiled this handy list of tips that will help you create a law logo that your past and future clients will recognize, no matter where it is printed.

Keep It Simple

You could spend hundreds of hours creating a beautiful, intricate law logo.

But it would be a massive waste of time.

Overly-complicated logos are a poor choice because they are tough to memorize. With a simple logo, clients who see it several times will begin to easily recognize all or at least part of it when they see it again.

Need proof? Just picture the Nike “Swoosh.”

If the logo is too complex, clients will be far less likely to recognize it. Plus, a logo with too many elements ends up looking disorganized and unprofessional: two words you don’t want associated with your law firm.

You simple logo design should also include minimal text.

While you could opt to include your company’s name, slogan, or other words, this makes it tough for clients to recognize.

If you design your logo correctly, clients will instantly know that it is your company’s logo when they see it. The image alone will be powerful enough.

Start With a Template

The toughest part of creating a successful law logo is getting started.

If you’re struggling with this step, it may be time to turn to a template for help. A logo template can act as a stepping stone on which to build your logo.

It will help to inspire and guide you if you’re new to graphic design. Checking out example logos is another great way to spark creativity.

Make Sure That it Reflects Your Brand

Whether you are a new firm looking to create its first logo, or are simply redesigning your logo, it should match your company’s unique brand.

Your firm’s brand helps to inspire customer recognition. Plus, it gives your firm a professional, polished appearance.

If you haven’t paid an outside company to design your brand, you may be wondering how to decide what design elements your brand includes.

To figure this out, think about what colors and fonts appear on your website or print pieces. Consider whether printed materials from your firm tend to be simple in design.

Also consider whether you follow a certain style when choosing photos for your firm’s social media or website.

Once you’ve determined which elements of your brand are used the most often, make sure that you’re applying these same elements in your logo design.

If you use certain colors, use them for your logo. If you’re choosing to include words on your logo, use a font or fonts that are used elsewhere in your firm’s materials.

Whether your website or printed materials feature modern or classic designs, make sure your style is reflected consistently in your logo.

Avoid Borrowing Ideas from Other Firms

It can be tempting to research what logos other law firms are using. But while looking at other popular logos for companies not related to law can be great for inspiration, looking at law firm logos can make it tempting to copy.

There are certain symbols that are common in law logos, like gavels or scales.

You could use one of these, to make it very clear that the logo is for a law firm.

Or, you could create a completely unique logo. That way, as clients become familiar with it or word of your firm gets out, the logo will be unmistakable.

Aim for Contrast

One easy way to make a simple law logo stand out is to aim for creating contrast.

Does your brand use lots of dark colors on your website and advertisements? If so, then a light color logo, especially a logo with lots of white, will stand out well.

If your brand includes lighter colors, opt for dark colors on your logo.

Avoid using too many colors on your logo. This will only leave it looking crowded and difficult to interpret. Plus, it won’t stand out well on any background.

Consider Future Uses

Once you create a law logo, odds are that you’re going to be printing it everywhere.

From billboards to coffee mugs and business cards, your logo will likely appear on a variety of surfaces. Which also means that it will appear in a variety of sizes.

Keeping this in mind while designing your logo will help ensure that it translates well in all of the possible formats that you’ll use it. This is true for both print and online materials.

Your logo design should not be so complicated that it looks squished. It shouldn’t be unreadable if it is printed on something as small as a business card.

However, it needs to be interesting enough to catch someone’s attention on a billboard or printed advertisement.

Create Your Own Awesome Law Logo Today

Creating a successful logo doesn’t have to be a challenge.

By following these tips, and turning to a logo template, anyone can create a stunning, recognizable logo.

Once you’ve created your logo, you need to make sure that it appears everywhere.

Include it on each page of your website. Post it on your firm’s social media accounts, if they have them (and they should.) Print it in memos and business cards. Plaster it on bill boards.

This is the foundation of solid branding.

The more you get your logo out there, the more it will become recognizable!

If you need help getting started on your own logo, contact us today!