Innovative Ways to Create Speaker Logos for Your Speaker Business

speaker logos

Creating a successful business doesn’t happen overnight. Between product research and development, hiring team members, and sticking to your budget, there are a lot of things to keep track of.

Not to mention, marketing and branding decisions can easily take up an entire day in your schedule – and even more. These are aspects of your business that you can’t afford to mess up on, though.

It’s not enough to have the best speakers in the business if you don’t know how to reach your audience.

If you want to create the absolute best speaker logos for your products, use the following logo design styles to help you.

1. Keep It Traditional

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to create an awesome logo. Or in this case, a speaker.

Use the structure of each speaker model you have as the outline for your logos. This will help new users understand the product right away. The outline is timeless and practical – it makes your products easy to understand in an eye-catching, interesting way.

As users compare one of your speaker logos versus another, they’ll be able to remember which speaker is which until they find the right one in your product line to buy.

2. Add a Modern Flare

If you want to have a little more fun with your speaker logos, take things up a notch. Start with a standard outline then do something to make it pop.

Maybe this means creating sound waves that come out of the speaker design or layering one outline over another. Such design methods create texture and give the logos some life. You can also opt for a pop of color to stand out even more.

3. Think Outside the Box

Keep in mind that your speaker logos don’t have to be all about speakers. You can get creative with the design process and incorporate some visual elements that people may not expect.

This immediately tells your audience you are innovative and willing to push the boundaries. Not all speaker-making businesses know how to think in terms other than what they specialize in.

Be mindful of how you do this, though. Don’t go against the grain just to say you’re different. Try to incorporate your brand values into the unique logo you’re creating or at least tie the logo design in with the lifestyle of your ideal user.

Think about it: are your speakers made for people who want to upgrade their car’s sound system or for those who love entertaining friends at home? Do you make light, portable options for travel enthusiasts or is your focus centered on large speakers for large crowds?

Get inside the heads of your audience members. Understand how they think and consider what they’re really looking for. Go beyond the product and think about the purpose, then use that to drive your design process.

You’re sure to come up with something brilliant by thinking this way. Your logos will be totally different from competitors’.

4. Mix Different Elements

The thing about pushing the boundaries is that it is possible to stray too far from your niche. You still have to incorporate something that looks like a speaker – or some music-oriented element – if you want users to understand what you’re offering.

For instance, maybe you highlight the small, but important, details of your speakers. Use your power button’s design as the base of your innovative logo or highlight the slim, sleek look of your top-selling speaker. From there, you can mix in all kinds of different elements.

Or, start with a logo that doesn’t necessarily scream “music” or “speakers”, then bring it back. Sketch out your most outrageous ideas first then incorporate music notes, or sound waves, or a speaker-shaped look to the logo.

Whatever you do, focus on finding the balance between interesting and eclectic and what misses the mark. This will help you create the best logo design possible.

5. Make Your Brand Name Pop

Sometimes, the answer to all your speaker logo needs is staring right at you. Why not use your brand name as your logo?

Many well-known companies do this across all kinds of industries. Between FedEx and Coca-Cola, Ray-Ban and eBay, and Amazon and MasterCard, some of the top businesses have just stuck with their name when creating their logo. It’s worked out well for them, and it can turn out even better for you.

The key to doing this is to start with your company name then figure out what the missing element is. For Amazon and FedEx, for example, it’s the hidden messaging that helps us remember them (and choose their services). For Coca-Cola, it’s the way the logo brings the essence of the brand to life.

For you, the way to make your name pop as a speaker logo could be to turn one or two of the letters into something that resembles music. Maybe you turn a letter on its side and make it look like a speaker. Maybe you have an “i” in your company name and the dot looks like a power on button.

There’s no limit to the creative potential your brand name offers. You just have to be willing to play with it until you find what looks right.

How to Make Your Speaker Logos Mean Something

Here’s the key to making amazing speaker logos: no matter the aesthetic appeal you’re going for, you have to make your logo mean something. Once you have the basic ideas down, find ways to incorporate your brand values and the overall quality of your products.

Think about things like color psychology and what text is best, too. These are the minor details in logo design that make the biggest difference.

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