How Your Logo and Branding Work Together for Your Business

logo and branding

The average small business is slated to spend $75,000 this year on digital marketing. Thus, it’s essential to make every penny stretch.

With just a few decisions and some cheap redesigns, you can make your logo and branding work together to make your business great. While you develop your brand with your logo, your company can do some outreach to ensure that people know about your brand.

If you’re wondering just how your logo and branding can work together, check out our guide for five tips.

1. Your Logo Gets Your Name in Their Heads

Sometimes you might not realize if you’ve just seen a logo or if you’ve read it. For years, seeing a logo over and over, the name of the brand and title of the product might seem abstracted behind the meaning of the words. If you’ve been looking at Cheerios boxes your whole life, you might not even notice if the name was misspelled, so long as everything looked the same.

The names of brands get into our heads and the best way for that to happen is through a strong logo. A company or a brand that has a strong logo can help to plant that weed into the heads of every potential client. Once they get used to hearing that name or seeing it over and over, they’ll become hooked.

Whenever that name comes up, they’ll see comfort. They’ll see something familiar and welcome. Even if you’ve got a strange or obscure name, the more often your customers have the chance to say it in their heads, the more business you’ll see.

2. Show What Kind of Brand You Are

There are all kinds of brands out there but likely few that are like yours. When you take the time to design a logo that really shows who you are as a brand, you can skip a few steps in the introduction process. When your customers and clients don’t have to do a lot of work to figure out what you’re about, you make it easier to sell to them.

If you’re a nature-based brand, you can show them a bright earthy green, an image of a leaf, or a tree. These things symbolize what it means to be a happy and excited member of the ecosystem. When you place your brand within that ecosystem, you do some of the work for your customer.

When they’ve been sold on the kind of brand you offer, then they can start finding out more details about you. If you don’t know the basics of what a brand can provide, it can be hard to commit to working with them. When you show off your tech capabilities through a well-designed logo, you can rest assured you’ll have won people over.

3. Give Them Something Familiar

There’s no brand that feels as good as one that feels familiar. If you’re part of a big world of new startups working in a given industry, do some research into seeing what is typical in that industry. While you don’t want to be an exact copycat, bringing something familiar to the table can make the basics understood from the start.

If your logo and branding symbols use a coffee bean, people will assume that your brand is coffee related. If you use a “chalkboard” style font, they’ll expect something for kids and families.

When you offer something familiar like this, you offer more than comfort. You offer a style that communicates something directly to your customers.

4. Prepare Them For an Experience

Depending on the industry you’re in, you could be preparing your customers and clients for a special experience. Your logo and branding efforts could be showing off what you can do for them. If you make the design clever enough, you’ll share with them the kind of journey that you’ll take them on.

Whether you’re making a logo for a safari adventure company or for a furniture store, personality matters. With the right logo, you tell everyone what your personality is and let them know what to expect.

If you want your business to become synonymous with a certain type of experience, you need your logo and branding materials to show that off.

Knowing that you eat with your eyes first, you should tell your clients what exactly you have in store for them from first blush.

5. Become The Noun For Your Industry

In Myanmar, people are using the words “Facebook” and “internet” interchangeably. That’s because one of the biggest retailers in the region offered premium native facebook access to all users, with free data inside the application. Thanks to this huge marketing push, millions of people are using Facebook who didn’t have reliable internet access a few years ago.

This might sound odd but it’s happened with Kleenex, Band-Aid, and Coca-Cola. When people order one of these items, they’re not so much asking for the brand itself as they are asking for the type of product that fits the description. Rather than asking for a photocopy, people ask for a Xerox of a given paper.

Even to this day, people are still using these terms interchangeably. If you want to become a leader in your industry, that’s exactly the kind of move that you need. You need for the name of your brand to become synonymous with the kinds of products you offer.

Your logo can be your best friend when it comes to making this happen.

Your Logo and Branding Can Make Your Business Soar

When you’ve got a strong logo and branding effort in place, you can ensure that your company will make a splash on the scene. With a great logo that people love to look at, you can be sure the everyone will want to hold products that have your logo on them.

If you’re still struggling with logo design ideas, check out our guide for tips.