How to Design a Logo Worth Remembering

how to design a logo

People say, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Well if that’s true, a logo tells tens of thousands of words.

You can create your own logo with us with ease, however, designing a logo worth remembering is much more difficult. That’s why we’ve put together the top tips of how to design a logo that folks will remember.

Logos are much more than people realize. It’s a visual identity for your brand.

What’s the Purpose of Your Brand

Designing a logo requires you to consider what your business or sports team is trying to accomplish.

How do you want people to remember you? Maybe you people to trust you to deliver, or perhaps, you want people to see as you as brave and bold.

What associations do you want people to have? If the name of your brand or team refers to an animal for example, such as a tiger, then you probably want to include that in your logo.

What are your competitors doing? Do some research to find out what colors, ideas, and slogans your competition is using. To create a memorable logo, you need to stand out and be unique from the rest.

You could also ask your customers for feedback on your logo ideas.

A Simple Design

It’s important to know how to design a logo with a simple design.

Don’t get too complicated with your design. Some of finest examples of great logos are simple but effective. Think of the business logos, such as Apple, or sports logo, such as Nike.

How to Make Use of the Logo

It’s also important to take into account how the logo is going to be used and presented to people. This means you need to consider how it will appear. Consider the following:

Color is Everything

While everyone knows the importance of color, it’s not easy to know how to design a logo that uses color effectively.

You need to consider the associations people have with different colors. For instance, many people associate red with power, yellow with hope, and finally, blue with trust. You have to consider how you can use color to promote the values of your sports team or business.

Creativity and Originality is Key

In order to create a logo that people remember, you have to be creative and original. The best logos are entirely unique.

This means as well as the use of color and fonts, it’s vital to think outside of the box. Consider how you make the most of the space around the logo. Use the negative space and the possibilities of shadow.

Now You Know How to Design a Logo

Now that you know the top tips of how to design a logo for your business or sports team, you can now get started building your logo.

Our logo building program allows you to create and edit your own logo for your company. Don’t forget to follow this guide!