How to Create the Perfect Logo for Your Dog Grooming Business

dog grooming business

When people see your logo, they should immediately be able to link it back to your dog grooming business. It needs to show people what you do, how well you do it, and why you do it.

That is a lot tied up into a small image.

It can be hard to figure out a good logo if you aren’t sure what kind of message you want to send. So before you even start designing your logo, you should sit down and come up with your message.

This may not be too hard if you already have a mission statement that can point you in the right direction. If you don’t have one yet, this process might help you come up with one.

It may seem like an unnecessary extra step, but if you don’t have a strong message, you won’t have a strong logo.

Take a look at these tips that will help you create a great logo for your dog grooming business.

The Three Different Types of Logos

There are three main types of logos, and they’re known as front-based logos, literal illustrations, and abstract symbols. Because you need a dog grooming business logo, we’ll look at some animal-related examples.

Front-Based Logos

These logos consist mostly of type treatments, or text. Even though the logo is centered around words, logos like these have their own twists that make the logo recognizable and unique.

To get a better picture of a font-based logo, think of Pet Valu’s logo.

Literal Illustrations

This logo might be a literal picture of what the company does. A painting company might have a paintbrush or a can of paint as their logo.

To put it in animal terms, picture Petco’s logo.

Abstract Symbols

These abstract symbols might not have anything to do with the company at all. These can be the best and most timeless types of logos, but it takes a lot of work to build a relation between the symbol and the company.

That’s time and money you may not have if you’re just starting out.

A good example of this type of logo is Petsmart’s bouncing ball.

Which Logo Is Best for My Dog Grooming Business?

There is no right and wrong logo for your dog grooming business. It comes down to what you like and what works.

However, like we previously mentioned, it might be hard to create an abstract symbol logo that people can understand. You may want to steer clear of this type of logo unless you have the resources needed to get it off the ground.

Do Your Research

You might think the perfect logo for your dog grooming business would be a picture of a dog. But several other grooming businesses in the city might already have that exact logo.

Your logo needs to stand out from the rest or else no one will remember it. And if no one remembers it, they most likely won’t remember your business either.

Before you settle on a specific design idea, take a look around at other logos similar businesses have used. Make note of what you like and what you hate. Find out what most people are doing so you can do something else.

Once you know what your competitors have done, you can work on how you want to be different.

Hire a Professional Graphic Designer

If you want a good logo, you have to hire a professional. Being able to draw is not enough.

A logo needs to be simple, and that might sound easy, but there’s a lot more involved with creating a strong logo than drawing a picture.

But don’t just choose the cheapest graphic designer you can find. Remember, you get what you pay for. Your logo is one of the most important parts of your business, and it, ideally, needs to last forever!

Paying more money for a better designer is definitely worth it.

If you’re having trouble coming to terms with the cost, divide the cost by at least 10 years. That’s at least how long the logo should last, so if you look at the cost as being spread out over 10 years, it’s suddenly not so bad.

How to Work with Your Graphic Designer

You might have hired them, but they aren’t your employee. Your expectations might be high, but they can only do what they can do.

Now, this doesn’t mean you should settle for someone you don’t think is providing good work, but it does mean you should be patient and recognize you won’t get the perfect logo in the first draft.

Here are a few tips that will make working with your graphic designer easy and productive.

Give Examples

Start by giving your designer some examples of what you like and what you don’t like. This will give them a better idea of what you’re looking for. If you can draw, this is the part where you can sketch out some ideas for them to see.

Let Them be Creative

Once you’ve communicated your ideas, take a step back. You have to let your designer be creative or they won’t be able to come up with a strong logo. If you try to control every aspect of the process, you may as well make the logo on your own and save your money.

Be Able to Explain Your Brand

They need to know what your business is about and what kind of message you want to send with your logo.

Give Constructive and Specific Feedback

If you don’t like something, don’t just say that. Tell your designed why you’re having a problem with it and suggest some things they can do differently in the next draft.

Creating Your Dog Grooming Business Logo May Take Some Time

Be patient. Your logo will be the same for the next decade or two, and it can’t be made in a week. Give yourself plenty of time to work on it so you are happy with the results.

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