How to Create a Winning Little League Logo

little league logo

Do you need a logo for your little league club?

A logo can do a lot for your team. It says what the spirit of the team is and it unites your players, the fans, coaches, and community.

Little league teams play to win, play because they love the game, and play to get better. A logo that’s unique can be a way for your team to stand out from the competition.

Keep reading to learn how you can create a little league logo that stands out.

Your Logo Is More Than an Image

You might think that a logo is just a picture with your team’s name. Maybe you’ll add a catcher’s mitt or a baseball.

A logo is much more than that. It’s not the image, but what the image represents.

A logo has an association with it. Think of it as a promise.

For example, if you look at the logos of big companies like Apple or Nike, you’ll think of cutting-edge technology and winning your game, respectively.

Volvo is well-known for safety and Coca-Cola makes people happy.

Those are all promises of those products and brands.

In the case of your little league team, your logo should evoke your team’s promise. That could be competition, fun, and camaraderie. It sounds like a lot to cram into a small image, but the use of color, shapes, and typography all play a role in how a logo is interpreted.

That image is processed by the brain in 13 milliseconds.

Sketch Out Ideas

The first step is to get pencil and paper.

You can draw sketches on a napkin if you need to. The important thing is to jot down initial ideas, and what you’d like to convey in your logo.

Make some notes about what your little league team is about. Is it a team that’s vying for a World Series or is it more like the Bad News Bears?

Are there certain values that your team stands for, like camaraderie, hustle, and respect?

You could add elements from logos in the club’s history to tie together the past and the present.

Initially, you want to get these ideas down on paper, and then refine your logo.

Look for Examples

Take a look at logos from other sports teams. In baseball, you’ll find that the teams usually have some element of the game, like a ball, bat or glove.

You can also draw inspiration from other sports and write down things that you like about the logos. It could be a certain font or an abstract image.

The team’s location and name can be other sources of inspiration. You can play around with the lettering of both, the same way the San Diego Padres and Cincinnati Reds have in their logos.

You can combine the typical imagery of the game and the lettering to create a logo. The Milwaukee Brewers used a glove and a ball to form an m and b in their old logo.

Know What Your Colors Mean

Color has a psychological effect on people. There are some general principles of color, but how it’s interpreted completely depends on the person looking at the logo.

Their personal experiences and culture will shape how your team’s colors are interpreted.

Generally speaking, red can be shown to create urgency.

Brighter colors like orange and yellow can convey happiness and fun. Blue is used for stability and security.

If your team already has colors, you can experiment with different shades of those colors. That will allow you to keep these principles of color in mind.

Explore Different Fonts

Fonts have a psychological impact, too. Did you know that the font Helvetica makes people think of the IRS because that’s the font used on tax forms?

This is where you want to refer back to what you want to convey about your club. In baseball, script fonts are used to give logos an old-time feeling.

Retro fonts are used to take people back to their childhood. You could use a font similar to the one used in the old San Diego Padres logo.

Narrow down Your Designs

At this point in the process, you should have several ideas sketched out. They use different fonts, colors, and emblems.

Narrow down your designs to three. You can create mock versions of the logo in an online tool.

As you’re creating these different designs, think about how the logo will be used. Will it be used on hats and jerseys? Will the logo be used on brochures and banners?

You may need to create a few different versions of each design to fit on each application. Print them out and put them on shirts, hats and where they will be used.

Test Your Options

After you have your final three designs printed out and applied, take them to other coaches and parents for second opinions. You’ll want to limit the feedback to a handful of trusted people.

The feedback that you get here will be valuable in finalizing your design.

When they look at the logo, ask them the first thing that comes to mind. That will tell you if the logo conveys what you intend.

You’ll also want to ask them which version of the logo they like better and why. Ask for specific feedback as to what they would change on each design.

Choose and Finalize Your Team’s Logo

The feedback you get should allow you to narrow down the designs to a final design.

There may be some additional clean up to do, like adjust the spacing between letters.

Your little league logo is ready for the big stage.

A Little League Logo That Looks Major League

Your Little League logo has the power to draw together your team and your fans. It can also increase your chances of sponsorship.

A great logo takes time to build, test, and complete. It’s time well spent when you see the final result has a big impact.

Ready to get started? Check out these tips to use a logo generator to speed up the time it takes to create a logo.