A Guide to Choosing Exceptional Logo Fonts

Veranda. Comic Sans. Times New Roman. These fonts are classic, timeless.

They are also ubiquitous and, thus, unexciting.

When creating your logo, you want it to grab audience attention. You want it to stand out, to make a lasting impression. You want it to be memorable.

But if your logo is created using a font like Times New Roman, chances are you’ll just wind up among a sea of other Times New Roman logos.

Logo fonts are imperative to making that first impression one customers will remember. Here is a guide on how to choose the best font for your company logo.

Choose a Font Unique to Your Product Offering

The goal with good logo fonts is to make your product recognizable from a distance. You want your audience to register the font you choose and think, “Oh, that’s from Company X!”

For this reason, it is unwise to go with commonplace fonts. Not only are these fonts boring, but they lack the ability to accurately represent your company and brand.

You want a font that is as fitting to your brand as your graphic logo is. Simple, elegant, edgy, soft, whatever feel you want to be emulated in your logo has to be present in your font.

Be Consistent with Your Logo Fonts

Once you’ve selected a font, roll with it. Your chosen logo font will be displayed on your website, your product, your marketing materials, and everything in between.

When it comes to company branding, consistency is key. This consistency will resonate with your target audiences. It will also help keep your marketing teams on the same page for a unified vision on what the brand image is intended to achieve.

If you choose to go a different direction with your branding, make sure your logo font follows suit. Just make sure that the change is reflected throughout the rebranding such that customers can adjust to the new chosen look.

Get Inspired and Create Your Logo

Need some ideas? There are thousands of new and creative fonts being created every day. Here are 50 of the most popular fonts over the last few years.

But this is just scratching the surface. There are plenty of free online resources for finding fonts. Some of the most popular include FontSpace and FontFreak offer thousands of fonts downloadable with a simple click. Others like Behance display fonts part of designer portfolios.

Once you’ve found the perfect font, combine it with your graphics. Use a logo creator to get a preliminary idea of what your final product will look like.

Choosing Great Fonts for Great Logos

You only get one shot at a first impression. Make it a lasting one.

Your logo and the font you associate are the face of your company to your audience. Thus, it is vital that it accurately reflects the brand image you want customers to retain.

Want a second opinion on your choice in logo font? Looking for some direction on what type of font to use for your business. Contact us directly for personalized assistance on any logo questions you may have!