Fun Florist Logo Ideas for Your Flower Business

florist logo

Some experts believe that 95% of small businesses have a poor logo. Even worse, some don’t have a logo at all.

Worried that you fall into one of these categories? Don’t panic.

Designing an awesome logo for your flower business doesn’t have to be a chore, and there are tons of different ways to express your unique brand identity.

Imagining a dull, dated flower design? Think again.

Putting together a florist logo doesn’t have to mean slapping some text onto an image of a flower.

You might choose to go modern with a geometric design, playful using bright colors, or minimalist with a limited color palette.

Ready to get some serious inspiration for your flower shop logo?

Let’s do this.

1. Geometric Flower Design

Want to use a flower in your logo without looking unimaginative?

Geometric designs are in right now, and it’s a great way to make your logo look a little more ‘edgy’.

You could create a flower that’s made up of triangles in different shades of the same color, or use contrasting colors for an eye-catching look.

If you don’t fancy a flower, how about depicting another item in a geometric style?

This could be a vase, a leaf, a bouquet, or even an abstract shape, like a heart.

Geometric design is perfect if you’re aiming to appeal to the younger market, you want to show that you’re on the cutting edge of floristry, or you’re trying rebrand yourself to appear more modern.

Geometric logos are surprisingly easy to design, so you shouldn’t have any trouble making your ideas a reality.

2. Colorful Bouquet Design

Want a logo that inspires real joy in your customers?

Keen to show that you create fun, colorful arrangements for every occasion?

Designing a logo that features a brightly colored bouquet is a wonderful way to show your playful side and stand out from more traditional florists.

You could contrast a rainbow bouquet design with solid black text, or carry a single color from the design into your typography.

If you’re worried about your logo looking too garish, stick to a limited palette featuring two or three bold colors.

Be sure that the colors you pick match the rest of your branding — for example, your shop sign, your business cards, and your website.

3. Minimalist Black and White Design

Are you an expert in creating beautiful, minimalist arrangements?

Let your florist logo reflect that by sticking to a simple black and white design.

Your logo could be made up entirely of text, or you could add a small flower or another motif above your company name.

Try to tie your image into the text — for example, using the stem of a flower to cross a letter ‘T’, or dotting your ‘i’ with a small flower petal.

The best logos look 100% integrated — whether this is via clever alignment, smart visual tricks, or use of limited colors.

If you want your logo to look subtle, but feel limited by just black and white, try introducing one or two shades or grey.

This allows you to play around a little more with light and shadow and can be used to create some pretty cool 3D effects.

Remember that less is often more in logo design.

Some cleverly designed black text on a white background could be all you need to show off your business.

4. Single Line Text and Image

Want to create a logo that flows naturally and seamlessly?

Using a single line to create both the text and image portion of your logo is a great way to create a design that looks whole and consistent.

It ties in nicely to the idea of flowers, with the text and image ‘growing’ into one another.

You could even make your logo green and add a few leaves or petals, to make the design look as though it’s been fashioned out of a real plant.

Remember to keep it simple — the best logos are easy for anyone to sketch out.

5. Flower Made of Other Shapes

Is there something special about your business that you’d like to show off?

Using different shapes to create a flower design gives you loads of space to get creative and show your unique selling points.

Specialize in mail order flowers? Try making a flower shape using envelopes, mailboxes, or stamps.

Get lots of orders from couples? Create a flower that’s made up of different colored hearts.

The possibilities really are endless, and this technique is a wonderful way to make your business look unique without losing the simplicity of a flower design.

6. Handwritten Font with Flower Accent

When it comes to logo design, typography is really important.

One brand saw a 20% increase in sales after they redesigned their font – pretty impressive, right?

Not sure what style of typography will work best for you?

We vote for handwriting-style text, for a few reasons.

It looks authentic, it has a nice flowing quality to it, and it’s possible to use your own unique handwriting.

Try sketching out a few potential designs yourself. If you like what you see, scan them in to base your logo off of, or give to a local designer to convert into a finished product for you.

Using your own handwriting is a really nice touch if you’re running a small local business.

Customers will appreciate the authenticity of your logo and seeing it will remind them that you’re different to the big florist chain stores.

Add a flower accent to make it clear that this is a florist logo.

How to Design Your Florist Logo

Ready to create a beautiful florist logo for your business?

Once you’ve got a few design ideas together, it’s up to you to decide whether to create the logo yourself or hire a designer.

Online logo maker tools make it easy to create awesome designs yourself, but hiring a designer is handy if you’re short on time.

Want to get more design tips before you finalize things? Check out our blog for loads of expert resources.