Essential Guidelines to Know for Medical Logo Design

medical logo

Whether you’re starting a new practice or revamping your current brand, you need a solid medical logo for your business.

Why are logos so important? Think about a pair of golden arches, a smiling two-tailed mermaid, or fruit with a missing bite. It only takes half a second to connect those images to McDonald’s, Starbucks, and Apple computers.

These brands are instantly recognizable because of their logos. This is one reason why some major corporations spend millions on logo design.

The good news is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to create a standout logo. In fact, you don’t need to hire a logo designer at all. All you need is a few professional tips to help you design a stunning medical logo for your company.

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Medical Logo Mistakes to Avoid

Before we discuss good logo design, let’s start with what not to do. Here are three things you definitely want to avoid when designing a medical logo.

1. Don’t Use Clip Art

Gone are the days when it was acceptable to use clip art or other free “stock” images for a business logo.

While it’s certainly okay to get ideas from stock art, don’t download a cheap image to use in your logo design. This is the surest way to make your business look “cheap” too.

The same goes for downloading or recycling an existing brand image. This is not only unprofessional but it could get you into legal trouble for violating a copyright.

2. Avoid Cliches

Many medical logos include symbols like a cross, a heart, or a caduceus. This is because people immediately associate these images with medical care.

Is there anything wrong with using this type of imagery in your logo? Not at all. But if you simply list your business name beneath a generic cross or stethoscope, no one is going to remember (or notice) your brand.

Rather than using the same old cliche, try to incorporate these common symbols in a new and creative way. We’ll touch more on this later.

3. Keep It Simple

The only thing worse than a boring, generic logo is a logo that’s too complicated.

While you want your brand’s message to shine through, you don’t want it to get lost in too many details. Some designers try to cram too much information into a logo–and lose their message in the process.

The strongest logos are simple, clear, and memorable. If you use three different fonts, four different colors, and five different symbols, no one will understand what your company is about.

Tips to Design a Standout Medical Logo

Now that we’ve discussed what not to do, here are four tips to keep in mind when designing your new medical logo.

1. Choose the Right Color

Did you know that certain colors evoke certain feelings? Red and yellow, for example, are said to make you hungry–which is why many fast-food restaurants use these colors in their logo.

Think about some common colors used in medical logos. Green is a popular color, but why? It’s viewed as a symbol of life, growth, and renewal–vital aspects of good healthcare.

Blue is another common choice for medical logos. Not only is it universally loved, but it’s often associated with trust, confidence, and authority.

Does this mean your logo must include green or blue? Of course not. But before you decide on a color, do some research about which colors evoke which types of emotional response in people.

2. Get Creative with Your Symbol

We touched on cliches earlier, but let’s dig a little deeper. There’s nothing wrong with using an easily recognizable symbol in your logo–as long as you do something creative with it.

Let’s say you want to incorporate a cross into your medical logo. Experiment with size, asymmetry, and colors. The cross doesn’t have to have pointy edges or be perfectly symmetrical or all one color.

What about using medical items to build the symbol? You might crisscross two pills or weave a stethoscope cord in the shape of a cross. The cross could also be part of your brand’s name if it includes the letter “T.”

3. Emphasize What Your Company Does

Remember that the goal of any logo is to show what your business does. As a medical provider, your goal is to provide better health for your patients or customers.

How can you convey that idea visually? You might include a healthy, active body somewhere in your logo. The image of a running, jumping, or stretching person gives the idea of vitality and happiness.

What if you specialize in a certain type of surgery or treatment? You might incorporate a heart, a foot, or an eye into your medical logo. If you specialize in maternity or childcare, some version of a mother/child image will get the point across.

4. Use a Clear Font

With hundreds of different fonts available, you might be tempted to mix and match a few in your logo design.

While many fonts are fun and eye-catching, they’re not always clear or easy to read. You do want to select a font that’s memorable–but not because it’s illegible.

If you have to squint your eyes or crane your head around to decipher the letters, it’s not the right font for a logo design. People will give up trying to read it and you’ll lose potential customers in the process.

Does this mean you’re doomed to use boring old Times New Roman? No. Just stick with something that’s easy to read up close and at a distance.

Ready to Design Your New Medical Logo?

With these helpful tips, you can design a standout medical logo for your business.

Best of all, it doesn’t have to cost you a lot. If you use an online logo generator, it doesn’t have to cost a penny!

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