How Custom Drink Logos Can Set Your Business Up For Success

drink logos

Are you looking for a way to stand out from the crowd? Want to boost your business and create visibility for your brand?

The answer may lie in what experts are calling the most important quarter-inch in business today.

Your business logo might seem like a small thing, but logos produce big results.

Today, everything from drink logos to the logos used to represent social media platforms defines the brands that we love most.

If you want to sell your product, engage and interact with potential customers and have your brand recognized by millions, you need to establish a custom logo. Read on to learn how the right logo may be the secret to your business’s success.

Why Your Business Needs a Customized Logo

Your logo is what defines your brand.

Over two million new businesses are established in the United States each year. This means that building a great logo is your key to standing out.

Of course, visual trademarks are nothing new. Symbols have been used since ancient times as a vital form of communication.

The digital age, where logos are so frequently used in the world of social media and digitized marketing, has created an even greater urgency for companies to establish their own uniquely customized logo.

Your logo is what people use to determine trust in your brand and products. When an established and trusted brand reveals a new product, its popularity often directly correlates with their logo.

Consider how popular drink logos can lend to the popularity of a new flavor or variety. Consumers are more willing to try a newly introduced diet version, for example, when it has the logo of the original version that they have enjoyed for years.

Are Drink Logos Really Necessary?

When you think about the most recognized brands, it may surprise you how many drink logos come to mind.

Starbucks is one of today’s hottest brands. Its logo has been at the center of national controversy. It’s graced the pages of magazines that feature celebrity trends and has been used to define entire generations and subcultures.

Coca-Cola’s logo continues to stand out as one of the most widely recognized logos of the century. Its logo has become a model for what works among consumers.

Even simple drink logos like the Kool-Aid man have the power to conjure childhood memories for many of us.

The packeted sugary powder can still be found in millions of grocery stores across America. This 20-cent favorite is still served in pitchers of ice at ballparks and birthday parties just like it was thirty years ago.

It may come as a surprise to think of our deep emotional connection to drink logos. But these logos have been ingrained in our minds. They have become a part of both our daily routines and our celebrations throughout life.

Drink logos are especially important because they distinguish their brand from others that may look and taste very similar.

A cola without a logo may be difficult to identify by its brand. But, if someone asks for a Coke and gets served a can of Pepsi, the consumer would rarely be fooled.

Logos offer an effective way to build brand awareness among your audience.

Tips for Creating an Effective Logo for Your Business

We’ve looked at why drink logos are important to your business. But you may be wondering how you can create a logo that’s effective.

Here are some of the ways that you can ensure your logo is great from the start.

1. Keep it Simple and Appealing

The most effective logos use aesthetically pleasing and simple designs, colors, and fonts.

You should consider your use of patterns, color schemes, and lettering.

Make sure that your logo translates over to black and white without losing integrity.

2. Consider a Timeless Approach

The ideal logo is not so trendy that it needs to be updated annually.

The logos that have been mainstays over the years are often those that are the most easily recognized. For example, Coca-Cola, Good Housekeeping, and other popular brands have remained consistent in their overall design themes.

That said, realize that there may be a time when a slight change is needed to keep your logo up to date. Choosing a simple logo that can be tweaked by slightly changing the font or shifting the color arrangement is crucial.

It will help consumers to continue recognizing your brand, even if after an occasional face lift.

3. Use a Color that Matches Your Message

When choosing a color for your logo, be sure that its effect lines up with how you want to define your brand.

Colors have a well-known effect on our emotions. Organic, nature-based products often use Earth tones. This is because they evoke feelings of growth and serenity, for example.

Research how varying colors play on our feelings prior to choosing the one that you will use to represent your company.

4. Make it Memorable

In order for consumers to recognize your logo consistently, it should be a design that is memorable.

How do you create a memorable logo? While simplicity is important, your logo also needs to be distinctive and appropriate.

For example, an effective design for different types of drink logos vary widely.

Apple juice boxes intended for school children might have a logo with a playful font that appears to be written in crayon. But, that would not be an appropriate logo for a company whose specializes in draft beer.

You should choose a logo that will draw the interest of your target audience.

At the same time, be sure that it is unique and doesn’t echo the designs of your competitors. 

Are You Ready to Create Your Logo?

Your logo will become the face of your company.

You need a logo that stands out and represents your brand accurately. You might be surprised how much a logo can do for your business. Creating a great logo can be done in online no time using do-it-yourself software.

If you are ready to bring your logo to life, click here to create the perfect logo for your business today.