Don’t Miss These Hot 2018 Logo Design Trends

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A logo is not just the face of your business. It is also a symbol of the era in which it was created.

A logo of yesteryear will appear old-fashioned and out of date. If you are starting a new business or need a logo refresh, you need to know the design trends for 2018.

Whether you are trying to design a logo for a mental health organization or one for a travel company logo, these design trends will ensure that your logo is fresh.

Read on for all the logo design trends that are exploding this year.

Logo Design Trends for 2018

Many of the trends this year for logos are all about simplicity, minimalism, and creative calm.

We’ll discuss each in detail so that you are able to choose a design that will be innovative and dynamic.

Creative Calm

Calm, reserved, and serious approaches to logo design are the ticket this year.

Many companies are re-designing their logos with a flat design. Check out Audi’s new flat logo.

Lately, we’re seeing a resurgence of simple, well-crafted typefaces paired with monograms. For example, Jamestown Coffee Roasters is a return to basic fonts.


Logos with classic looks are popping up everywhere. Many brands prefer to turn to vintage and retro for their logo redesigns. This implies continuity and values which results in a feeling of safety.

People tend to believe that things were better in the good old days. Vintage design trends can capitalize on this.

If this is a look you want, choose reserved colors and clear graphic shapes. This will evoke retro vibes. Vintage-like logos bring to mind the ideals of tradition, heritage, and honesty–not a bad thing for your brand.


This trend goes hand in hand with the move towards vintage styles in logos.

For monograms, the text is often placed inside a circle. The result is a powerful logo and monotype that champions classic simplicity.

Check out Pelican Beach and Mecklenburg Cosmetics as examples of monogram logos.


In logo design, slices are wide parallel lines that seem to make “cuts” in the logo. This trend is growing fast in 2018, and here’s why.

When a logo has slices, it has more negative space (white space). This makes the logo easier and faster to absorb. This technique plays with smart effects and visual illusion. Plus, slices give a logo a textured 3D style.

The Digital Fabric logo and the Anri logo both use logo to good effect.


This trend is all about stripping design to the basics. Minimalistic design aims to make a logo as clean as possible.

Logos need to look good everywhere you stick one, from business cards to websites and mobile apps. Simple geometric shapes in logos are easy to transpose onto a variety of platforms.

Simplistic and coherent logos include Nike, Samsung, and Google. They use simple elements that create a balanced look.

Why should you embrace this trend? Well, clean geometric shapes can create instant impact. Other advantages of this style include branding versatility and easy readability.

Negative Space

This technique aligns with the overall move towards creative calm and minimalism.

Logos with negative space have been around for a few years, and 2018 will be no exception. The negative space makes the logo super clean. These logos are also typically flat echoing the theme of creative calm.

Now we are seeing more text logos with shapes and images hidden inside or between the letters. For example, the Horse logo cleverly turns the letter R into the face of a horse.

2018: The Year of Contradictions

So far, all the trends we’ve talked about have been cohesive and all follow the same theme. But, there are also a few design trends that are not a return to basics.

This year is also showing us experimental techniques in coloring and layering. A few of these trends are pushing the boundaries and breaking out of the molds.


Many logos design trends are experimenting with abstract patterns and layers of colors.

ONE 2 THREE is a children’s furniture company. You can see how they play with color and shape to show off their fun, cheeky personality.

123 Seconds presents short talks with creative people. You can see the creative expression clearly in the logo design.

Experimental fonts

Typography (the style and appearance of text) is inherently experimental.

This year will continue to show continued experimentation in typography. Graphic designers are playing with the shape of existing fonts. They also are inventing new shapes.

Grid-Based Design Trends

Grids have been the foundation in graphic design since 1981. That’s when Josef Muller-Brockmann presented grids as one of the fundamentals of design.

Grids portray logic, theory, control, and perfection. Very obvious grids are on the rise during 2018.

The trend also tends towards using only or mostly capital letters in logos. For inspiration, look at the MOAA Architects logo.

Fun Design Trends

Fun is always in style. But this year we’re seeing an uptake in fun designs.

Fun is hard to resist, and it comes in the form of bright colors, happy vibes, and cuteness. A sure way of introducing fun into your logo is with color transitions. Color transitions, especially bright colors, conjures youthfulness and play.

Even in black and white, logos can be fun. Look at the mischevious smile and devil-like horns on the whimsical character in Fables Skateboards’ logo.

Waffee a combination of the words waffle and coffee serves, you guessed it, waffles and coffee. Isn’t the name so fun to say? The Waffee logo turns up the fun with by making the logo look like a waffle.

Another cute use of character is Sweet Pea Mobile. Its adorable design can’t help but make you smile.

Moving into the Future

Now that you know the latest design trends for 2018, you are sure to be able to choose a logo for your company that will take you into 2019 and beyond.

Remember, your logo is the face of your company. That’s why logo design is a crucial decision.

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