How to Design a Dazzling Jewelry Company Logo

jewelry company logo

As a jewelry designer, you love the fact that you work in an industry that allows you to flex your creative muscles.

However, you also know that the competition in the jewelry business is out of control — and only getting more intense every day.

Sometimes, you may struggle with how to set your brand apart from the rest. You may feel like no one really knows who your brand is, or you might struggle to make a lasting connection with your target market.

The good news?

A strong design for your jewelry company logo can help.

But what does it take to create a winning logo?

Read on to find out.

1. Tell The Story Of Your Brand

When you start coming up with ideas for your jewelry company logo, begin by thinking about why you created the company in the first place.

Customers want to do business with a brand that they feel an emotional connection to.

Maybe you decided to start making mourning jewelry after the loss of a loved one. You could use that person’s face within your logo design, or a more subtle detail like their favorite color.

Perhaps you make friendship jewelry, with a portion of the proceeds going to a cause that’s close to your heart. Think about how you can work the themes of friendship in your design. For example, you could use a drawing of a knotted piece of thread, surrounding the main image of your logo.

If you’re into wedding jewelry? Then make a sketch of a happy couple the focal point of your logo.

Remember, you only have a few seconds to make a great first impression. This means that your logo has to make shoppers understand your niche, your brand’s story market and the type of products you sell — in a single moment.

2. Consider The Color

Once you’ve decided on the focal image of your jewelry company logo, it’s time to start thinking about the colors you want to use to bring it to life.

The psychology of color, depending on how well you use it, can work for or against you here.

Red might be the color of love to some (meaning it will work well for jewelry lines geared towards Valentine’s Day and romantic, year-round gifts.) However, be aware that it’s also associated with sales — which means that people might be disappointed to find out about your sky-high prices.

Greens and blues are the perfect colors for those who create more natural jewelry lines, but they won’t have the same positive impact for tougher brands with a more punk edge.

One final thing to remember?

Once you’ve chosen your color, stick with it and make your selected shades a part of your overall branding strategy. Use those same colors on your website, your packaging, your business cards, and anywhere else you advertise.

3. Select Your Script

So, you’ve chosen your logo’s colors and central image. What’s next?

Now is the time to start thinking about the script, AKA the typography, of your overall design. Including writing in your logo increases your brand recognition, and allows you to tell more of the story about who you are as a company.

It’s also one more way you can connect with your target market.

For example, if you sell primarily men’s jewelry?

Then a loopy, wedding invitation-like script probably isn’t going to work for your brand. Instead, go for something more classic, like the ever-elegant courier font.

On the other hand, if you specialize in creating jewelry that a bride can gift to her bridesmaids as a thank you gift for being in her wedding? Well then, that loopy, girly font will likely be the perfect choice for your brand.

If you’d rather not choose a font that everyone else seems to have, don’t sweat it. The smartest companies work with a font expert to create a bespoke typeface just for their brand.

Not only will no one else have it, but shoppers will make an instant connection to your brand whenever they see it.

A word of advice? If you go this route, be sure to trademark your logo.

4. Avoid Cliches

Your jewelry is incredibly unique — so why should your jewelry company logo look like everyone else’s?

While helping your shoppers to understand that you’re a jewelry line is important, there are other, more creative ways to get them to make that association when they see your logo.

For best results, avoid drawings of a diamond, or other geometric shapes meant to remind consumers of a stone. Not only is this idea completely played out — it’s also overly trendy.

The last thing you want is to create a logo design that looks outdated in a few years.

When it comes to colors to avoid, we think you can do a lot better than gold, platinum, or silver.

While it’s not a bad idea to select shades in these colors, why not go for something more unexpected — like a rose gold tone?

Need More Help With Your Jewelry Company Logo?

Remember, when you’re ready to create the perfect jewelry company logo, you’ll need to focus on how all the elements of your design work together.

The font, colors, and images that you choose should all be a direct reflection of your brand.

While some companies choose to work with design professionals when they need to create a logo? Others much prefer to take the DIY approach.

Not only is this a way to ensure that your design is completely original, it’s also a process that’s just a lot of fun.

Spend some time on our website and blog to collect even more tips about how to create the perfect logo. When you’re ready to start designing, rely on our building tools to bring your logo to life.