How to Design Cosmetic Logos with Style and Flare

Cosmetic Logos

The market value of the beauty and personal care industry in the U.S. is totaled at over $80 billion. Each year, that market value climbs higher, as Americans continue to spend their money on skincare, shampoos, cosmetics, and more.

If you’ve chosen to start your own business in this industry, you need to be ready to face the competition. Offering a unique product or launching an exciting marketing plan can help.

But one of the most important things that you can do for your company is to start with an awesome logo.

Cosmetic logos help customers recognize your brand, inspire loyalty, and give you a way to brand your products, website, print materials, and more.

If you’re ready to get started, keep reading to learn more about how to create cosmetic logos with style and flair!

Start with a Single Idea

Creating awesome cosmetic logos from scratch can be tough.

You need to have a coherent idea in mind when you start the process, to help give your design some guidance.

Research Your Competition and More

Start by researching other beauty brands. While you’ll want to be very careful not to copy cosmetic logos from other companies, this can be a good way to inspire your own creativity.

One way to avoid the draw of copying the cosmetic logos that you do like is to also examine logos for companies in other industries. Look at some of the world’s most recognizable logos, and notice which elements or designs seem to be the most common.

You’ll likely notice certain trends among top logos, such as sleek, minimalist designs and a mix of classic or trendy colors.

Deciding Which Elements You Want to Use

While researching other logos, consider which elements or designs you like, and which you don’t.

For instance, do you prefer logos that incorporate pictures of items that are related to the brand? This could include scissors worked into the logo of a hair salon or eyelashes topping the logo of an eyeliner brand.

Or, do you like logos that feature designs that don’t directly reflect the product or services that they are selling? This includes logos that feature creative fonts or unrelated images, like hearts, crowns, or diamonds.

Once you know which elements you’d like to include and which you’d prefer to avoid, you can start thinking of a basic design for your logo.

Consider Your Brand

While creating that basic design idea for your logo, it’s also important to consider your company’s brand. Your brand is the universal design features used in all of your company’s materials, from your website to printed materials, and more.

Matching an Existing Brand

If your company has been around for a while and you are redesigning your logo, or if you’ve already created a brand and are just adding a logo, this should be easy.

Make sure that when creating your logo design, you’re using the right fonts and colors to match your current brand.

Using different colors or fonts, or both will leave your logo looking out of place. It’ll also make it difficult for your existing clients to recognize that your logo belongs to the company that they already know and love.

It’s also a good idea to consider the overall style of your brand.

For instance, if you have a very formal brand, then a fun, colorful logo with youthful shapes or fonts might not be a great choice. On the other hand, if your brand is very laid-back, you’ll want to design cosmetic logos that reflect that, with the right fonts and color choices.

Creating or Adding to a New Brand

If your company is new and you don’t have an established brand idea yet, you can create this while designing your logo.

Your logo can be great inspiration for designing the rest of your brand. Just consider the image that you want your company to project while creating your logo.

Will you cater to younger individuals, who might connect better with a fun, brightly colored logo and energetic font? Or will your client base be older, and more interested in a more classic design?

Considering these questions while creating your logo will help ensure that when you do go to create your brand, your logo will still match. With a logo being so small and relatively easy to design compared to other brand elements, your logo is a great place to start if you still aren’t sure what your company’s branding is going to look like.

Decide Whether or Not to Include Your Company’s Name

One of the biggest decisions that companies make when designing cosmetic logos is whether or not that logo will feature their name.

Many logos are designed and centered around a company’s name. But just as many feature design elements and images, without words.

The word-less designs can give your company a sophisticated feel, but they can also make it harder to build brand loyalty. While your company is still new, they may have trouble figuring out who your company is based on your logo alone, if it doesn’t include your name.

This makes it tough for them to search for your products online or in a store if they only have an image in mind rather than a name.

Start Creating Cosmetic Logos with Style and Flare Today

Designing cosmetic logos doesn’t have to be a challenge.

With a little bit of research and plenty of consideration about your company’s style and brand, anyone can create a stunning logo.

If you’re ready to start designing cosmetic logos but still aren’t sure where to get started, check out our free logo maker today!

With our easy logo maker, you won’t have to worry about having any graphic design skills. And, you won’t have to choose between opting for a poorly designed logo or paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars to have a designer custom-create one for you.

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