How to Create a Company Logo That Connects With Your Customers

create company logo

Are you thinking to create company logo for your business? The simple appearance of many of the most recognizable logos suggest it’s easy to design.

However, it’s much more difficult than it seems at first. Designing a logo is much more than a pretty symbol for your company.

The need to create a logo is no longer a luxury or an afterthought. In the age of the internet, company logos are a necessity for any business to attract customers. It can be the difference between make, or break, for your business.

Let’s take a closer look at how to create company logo that connects with your customers!

Company Logos That Grab Attention

Before you can use your logo to connect with your customers, first you need to grab their attention. There is no point in designing a logo that connects with people if they don’t even notice it in the first place. There are many ways you can do this.

The famous saying, “a picture tells a thousand words” is true when it’s time to create company logo. The human brain process images 60,000 times faster than words.

Because of this, many companies include images in their logo.

And nowadays, this is even more important because consumers are used to be visually stimulated by the media. TV, advertisements, social media. That’s your competition!

The reality is most people won’t read your entire advertisement. Instead, they’ll just see the logo. So make those seconds that they see it count.

The logo needs to communicate your brand, as well as grab the consumer’s attention with emotional appeal.

You can do this by making it stand out from the rest. Many logos look quite similar. If you create company logo that is unique, you’ll attract more attention.

The best logos usually use bright colors that catch the eye. And, depending on your company, feature something either beautiful or provocative.

Plus, consider the advantages of using negative space. The NBC logo is a great example of this.

Logos That Connect and Engage

After you’ve grabbed the attention of the customer, you need to connect and engage them. That means triggering an emotional response from them. This gets the customer to relate to your brand in a positive way.

The aim is to create a logo that causes consumers to react in a way that reflects your brand.

There’s lots of market research about how to trigger the emotional reaction that you desire.

For example, if you want to convey a strong and aggressive brand, it is suggested that you should use of triangular and vertical lines to create an effective logo. Think about Adidas.

On the other hand, maybe you want to communicate an altogether friendlier message. If this is the case, then curvy shapes are required. An example of this would be United Way’s logo.

Designing a logo that connects and engages with the emotions and the senses is often neglected by businesses. You can make sure your logo does this effectively.

What’s Your Brand Message?

Now you’ve grabbed the attention and connected with the consumer. The next stage is to communicate the meaning of your company to the customer. Many advertising agencies refer to this as “brand message”.

What is brand message? It is about the ideas, values and connotations that your brand stands for.

You need to ask yourself, what you want your brand and logo to represent?

It’s useful to consider that certain ideas can be communicated much easier than others. For instance, it’s really easy to communicate the concept of “traditional”.

And yet, more abstract notions, such as “trust”, are more difficult to convey in a logo. That’s why many logos use simple concrete words in their logo. Such as, “cat”, “blue” and “chair”.

Think about the drinks company Red Bull. Even though their logo is very simple, they convey their brand effectively through their logo with a simple name.

In many ways, this is the most difficult step in designing an effective company logo. The goal is to communicate meaning in a simple way.

Design a Recognizable and Memorable Logo

Designing a logo that is memorable and instantly recognizable is never easy.

Many of the most memorable, recognizable and effective logos have a very simple and clear design. Think about the Nike Swoosh and Apple’s bitten apple. So simple, and yet, distinctive.

One way that you can design a recognizable and memorable logo is to check out the market competition. Design a logo that stands out compared to competitors.

For example, it would make no sense to design a logo for computer or technology company with an apple in the logo.

Make a “Brandable” Company Logo

Your logo needs to be “brandable”! That means it can be used to design your materials and products. Your logo will appear on everything from your website to your company stationery.

An effective logo needs to be adaptable and scalable for different purposes. A badly designed logo can’t be used in different ways.

For instance, the Nike Swoosh can change in size, color, and format, and yet, remains recognizable.

If your logo cannot be changed to black and white and shrunk down to a square inch, and still be recognizable and effective, it’s not “brandable”.

Final Thoughts on What You Need to Create Company Logo

Now you have a better understanding of how to create a logo that connects with your customers. This information could give your company an edge over the competition.

Many of the best logos seem very simple. And yet they convey a complex set of meanings and emotions to the consumer. And finally, they are memorable and brandable.

Achieving all that with your logo is never going to be easy. But now you have the tools to be as good as any logo designer. Give it a go!

If you have any questions, please contact us and we’ll be sure to help you create that perfect logo!