How to Create an Awesome Beauty Salon Logo

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With over 20,000 reported spas in the United States, it’s important to make your salon stand out. The best way to do this is by creating a stunning and effective salon logo.

Here are 10 easy design tips that will give your logo an edge over the competition.

1. Understand Fonts

The first step to designing an incredible salon logo is understanding the role that font plays.

Font not only tells the customer the name of your business but it also helps set the mood of the brand. In order for the font to be effective, it needs to match in style the feeling of your salon.

If you want your font to stand alone without any icons you should make it completely custom. Otherwise, it will be easy for other businesses to copy the look and potentially damage your brand.

It’s also a great place to hide a hidden message. Check out these 10 messages that other businesses have successfully hidden in their font.

2. Simplicity is Underrated

The next design tip is that simplicity cannot be overstated. It’s important that your customers can see and understand your logo from far away and while traveling at fast speeds.

An overly complicated salon logo with lots of little parts, will not be as easy to read. Look for simple ways to tell your unique story. Don’t overcomplicate things.

3. Color Conscientiously

The next tip is to use color conscientiously. Have you ever heard of the psychology of color? Behind colors are feelings and emotions.

While colors play on a lot of personal past experiences, there have also been some notable trends found in general populations. For example, the color purple has been associated with high-class and charm.

Learn about the different colors and see which one matches your brand the best!

4. White Space is Not the Enemy

Speaking of colors, the next tip revolves around white space. What space refers to the blank area of the page that is left as a result of the design. It includes the spaces between letters and lines.

Oftentimes people will try to fill their spread up to the very top. This, however, can make your design feel cluttered and crowded. Instead, a good designer knows that white space can be put to incredibly good use for logos.

White space will help your salon logo breathe, so don’t be afraid to leave it there.

5. Add Motion

Another important tip for a good salon logo is to add motion. This can be done through complimentary icons.

It is much more appealing to see an icon of hair that is blowing in the wind than one that is stick straight. Life is constantly moving, so people relate better with logos that appear to have some movement in them.

An example of this is the Twitter icon. The bird is in full flight. In fact, Twitter ended up changing their icon after a couple of years to make it appear like the bird was even more in flight.

Many other popular logos embrace this idea of motion, and you should too!

6. Play with Shape Psychology

Next, play with shape psychology. Much like color psychology, shapes have an impact on us as well.

Certain shapes and combinations can help our memory recall things better. They also represent different characteristics.

For example, when our brains see squares, lines, and triangles, it connects them with structure, strength, and organization. On the other hand circles and curves play more towards the community and positive relationships.

Add the shapes that best represent your brand into your logo.

7. Honor its Heritage

The next step is to think about your business. One of the struggles is combining what people think about your business with what you want them to think about it.

Incorporate aspects of your business’ heritage into your logo. This could be a pair of scissors, massage rocks, combs or more. Icons such as these will help your clients remember your brand and your logo better.

8. Match Your Personality

The next step and the one that is the most important is to match your personality. It is easy to get caught up in all of the design advice and create a logo that looks great but doesn’t match your brand.

First things first, focus on the feelings that your business evokes in your customer’s mind. Is it relaxation, perfection, a way to start over? Then incorporate these feelings into your logo.

9. Understand Your Competition

The penultimate tip is to understand your competition and their look. There is value in being from a recognizable service, however, you still need to stand out.

Find elements that you can share with your competition that play with already preconceived notions. Then add in unique elements to your design that will help customers remember your salon specifically.

If you have special services or focus features, pay a small homage to them in the design.

10. Create a Dual Meanings

Lastly, create a dual meaning to your logo. This design feature helps people to remember your logo much easier. There are quite a few brands that do it. Some of them include Baskin Robbins, Amazon, FedEx and more.

Join this crowd of money-makers by adding your own unique and hidden meanings. While these companies play mostly just with words. We have also seen businesses use icons and white space to create two different ideologies attached to their brand.

It’s a great way to push multiple ideas towards your customers. Just make sure that the design stays simple and clear to those outside the business.

Create a Beautiful Salon Logo Today!

People are fickle and constantly change their mind on what new trends they like. However, these design tips will not only help your customers love your logo, but it will also create a stunning, trendy logo that stays current for years.

Want more tips? Check out our recent analysis of the top 10 trends that will appear in 2018.

Or if you are still stuck on your design, contact us! We work with dozens of designers and new businesses every day. We can’t wait to help you and your salon too.