The Ten Most Recognizable Car Logos

car logos

Think of the most iconic logos you know. They're not only well-designed, they're also intentional. As a result, they become synonymous with the brands themselves. This applies to retail chains, fast food companies, computer man....

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Everything You Need to Know About Watermark Logos

Watermark Logos

Watermarks are a handy way for photographers and artists to sign and stake ownership of their work. They're also a great opportunity for these same artists to add a recognizable flair to their work, like a signature. But is ....

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How to Design Cosmetic Logos with Style and Flare

Cosmetic Logos

The market value of the beauty and personal care industry in the U.S. is totaled at over $80 billion. Each year, that market value climbs higher, as Americans continue to spend their money on skincare, shampoos, cosmetics, and mor....

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