10 Tips for Pizza-Inspired Logos for Restaurants

logos for restaurants

Remember your favorite late-night pizza spot in college? Or the logo of the hometown parlor you used to go to after Friday night football games? There are certain restaurants you never forget, the same ones that end up inspirin....

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5 Tips for Designing a Stylish Hair Logo Your Customers Will Trust

hair logo

Don't you just love when the friends of clients come in for the first time because they want you to work on their own hair? Or when someone compliments the way your hair looks while you're out and about and you get to tell them yo....

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7 Tips to Creating Peaceful Yoga Logos for Your Yoga Studio

Yoga Logos

In ages past, companies would mark their goods with a symbol or mark to help make them easily trackable. This practice formed part of the history of the trademark. The other use of these marks started to be brand awareness. Con....

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