How Your Logo and Branding Work Together for Your Business

logo and branding

The average small business is slated to spend $75,000 this year on digital marketing. Thus, it's essential to make every penny stretch. With just a few decisions and some cheap redesigns, you can make your logo and branding work ....

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Essential Guidelines to Know for Medical Logo Design

medical logo

Whether you're starting a new practice or revamping your current brand, you need a solid medical logo for your business. Why are logos so important? Think about a pair of golden arches, a smiling two-tailed mermaid, or fruit with....

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How to Copyright a Logo and Protect Your Brand

how to copyright a logo

There are 28 million small businesses in the United States and a little over 18,000 big companies. That's a lot of logos that could potentially copy one another. But now that your brand is off the ground, you may want to know ho....

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