6 Best Sports Logos Ever Created And Why They Are Memorable

best sports logos

Nike, McDonald’s, Google, Apple, and Pepsi…do you know what these companies have in common?

These companies have the most memorable logo designs, according to a study conducted by Siegel + Gale in 2015. When asked about what makes a logo memorable, ‘simplicity’ was the most popular answer.

When it comes to sports logos, do you also wonder about what makes a certain logo more memorable than others?

Here, we’ll break down six of the best sports logos ever created. You’ll learn what makes them so unforgettable.

1. Chicago Bulls

Did you know that when you look at the Bulls logo upside down, you’ll see a robot reading a book on top of a bench?

We’re guessing that wasn’t the intention of the designer when he made the Bulls logo. But boy, did he do that animal logo right.

For one thing, it’s very simple. It’s a red bull with a script above its head. But take a closer look at the details and you’ll see that there’s so much more to it than a fearsome bull with an intense glare and flaring nostrils.

See those red tips on the bull’s horns?

Fans will tell you that these represent the blood of defeated opponents. Taken as a whole, the logo is meant to symbolize a team that’s tough, intimidating, and aggressive about winning championships. This is the perfect example of communicating a lot in a little amount of space.

2. Green Bay Packers

People who may not know a lot about design may argue that the Green Bay Packers logo is too simple to be considered one of the best sports logos ever created.

But the reason why it’s so great is exactly because of its simplicity. It makes effective use of positive and negative space. Plus, it’s precise in terms of symmetry.

As for who created the iconic logo, it was a collaborative effort between John Gordon and Gerald “Dad” Braisher, according to the Journal Sentinel.

The concept came from Braisher, while the actual configuration of the original image was Gordon’s.

3. Montreal Canadiens

If you know your sports history, then you know that the Montreal Canadiens is one of the oldest professional sports teams in North America.

Their logo is one of the most recognizable, too. It’s a combination of “C” and “H.” The H rests inside a red C, outlined in white and blue.

The H stands for Hockey, while the C represents Club. Quick trivia: the H doesn’t stand for Habs. It’s a common misconception.

As far as sports logos go, the Canadiens’ memorable logo is perfect in its simplicity. If you’re thinking of creating a sports logo from scratch, taking inspiration from the Montreal Canadiens logo is something worth considering.

4. Detroit Red Wings

You can’t have a list of the best sports logos without including the Red Wings logo.

Even though some might say it’s a too literal interpretation, you can’t deny that the tire plus the wings just works.

What else can you choose to represent Motor City? A car? An assembly line?

The Red Wings logo is visually appealing as it is, which may be why it hasn’t changed a lot since 1932. You don’t want to mess with perfection. Plus, having a consistent logo does a lot to continually build brand recognition.

Is your goal is to make a sports logo that’s representative of the team’s city? If so, consider elements such as important landmarks or something else that symbolizes the city’s history.

5. Los Angeles Lakers

Purple and gold are colors associated with royalty. And when you think of Kobe Bryant, as well as all the other great Lakers, you’ll see that the color combination just makes sense.

They’re a flashy team with a flashy logo, but the execution is totally simple. And if we haven’t said it enough, the best sports logos are often the simplest ones.

Now, if you’re currently in the process of redesigning a sports logo, here’s your takeaway aside from keeping it simple.

Avoid drastic changes. Little alterations may serve the overall design better. After all, bold modifications can often render the logo unrecognizable by fans.

6. New York Yankees

There’s a reason why the New York Yankees logo always places high on best sports logos lists. It’s sophisticated. It’s classy.

And most important of all, it’s simple.

There’s the interlocking “NY” of course. You’ve seen it everywhere. From hats to mugs to shirts and other Yankees merch.

What you may not know is that there used to be a time when the “N” and “Y” were separate.

It was in 1909 when the team adopted the interlocking NY design. From then on, the logo has largely remained unchanged – another instance where sticking to what works, works.

Tips for Designing the Best Sports Logos

We can’t stress enough the importance of keeping it simple when you want to come up with a sports logo that’s memorable.

Don’t shy away from using just letters or initials. After all, it has worked so well for the Green Bay Packers, Montreal Canadiens, and New York Yankees.

If you want to incorporate an animal a la Chicago Bulls, pick one that inspires fear instead of going for cute or funny.

You can also take inspiration from the place where the team hails from, just like the Detroit Red Wings. Try landmarks or something that represents the city’s history.

You can also try experimenting with colors. Think of the Lakers’ colors – gold and purple, which represent royalty. Maybe you can try something similar.

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