The Best Free Logo Maker Software Online

free logo maker software

The marketable assets developed for business can cost thousands of dollars. Dead-center of the investment is the logo. Savvy business owners can use free logo maker software to lessen the costs.

You’re probably thinking: “Wouldn’t others have the same logo if they’re using these free tools and templates?”.

It’s a concern, but…

Templates found in the free logo maker software are intended for modification. The right software offers the tools and resources to make it happen.

We’d like to explain how it’s done — so keep reading.

Getting the Most from Free Logo Maker Software

One of the biggest challenges in logo creation is taking the image in your head and applying it to the screen. This process is difficult when working with a designer who may not comprehend your ideas.

Free logo maker software use templates based on best practices. The best practices allow you to start with a showcase of graphics known to perform well within their respected industries. These graphics get tweaked to reproduce the logo image you had in mind with the least resistance.


You’re changing an asset already close to your intentions versus starting from scratch.

The free logo maker software streamlines the creation without the heavy need for graphic design knowledge. Anyone can create a great logo with these tools if they’re willing to play with the designs.

The baseline set of best practices ensure design elements — like color combinations — are fitting for their industries.

Enter: aims to streamline your logo design using three steps:

  1. Select a template
  2. Customize
  3. Save and download

The site uses a form to match industry categories and icon elements by way of templates. The site will add your text to hundreds of premade logos based on the category you selected.

Users may edit the logo once they’ve selected the base template.

The edit options include:

  • Fonts
  • Size
  • Color
  • Positioning

The icon will change color based on your selection. Though, you do not have extensive editing control of the icon. This lack of control is quite useful to avoid delays in completing the project due to nit-picking. There are plenty of templates to choose from if the icon doesn’t match your ideas and intentions.

Save the image as JPG and PNG once you’re satisfied. You may use this file for existing projects. Otherwise, keep it as inspiration when taking a second attempt at the logo design.

You’ll also have a choice to apply the logo to marketing assets — like business cards and apparel — from within the site.

Other Notable Freel Logo Maker Software may be our top selection for as a logo design tool. But, it’s not the only offering online. Here are some others to explore.


Canva is a popular, online graphic design tool mostly used for social media images. Its features allow creative types to create stunning logos using a drag-and-drop interface.


Vectr is a light-weight graphics editing tool available online or as a desktop app. It has similar features to Photoshop and GIMP. The features make it flexible though requires a stronger understanding of the design process.


Logojoy has a sleek interface allowing users to craft logos after inputting the brand name and business information. The online tool has several, base templates good enough for basic needs.

We encourage you to play with designs and creations with these logo tools. These alternatives have a handful of features you may find helpful to understand the design and editing process.

Exposure to several tools helps you gain a stronger grasp of taking your concept to completion by virtue of having extra practice. Let’s take that exposure and build a logo befitting to your business project.

Using Free Logo Maker Software: A 3-Step Process

The business logo you design will find its way on several marketable assets. These assets include business cards to online advertising campaigns.

The design process begins with inspiration.

Surely there are brands you follow that have striking graphics. Their logos are synonymous with their products.

You’ll also find inspiration from personal, industry experiences. Or, perhaps the inspiration comes from family or a wonderful memory.

Take these thoughts and follow this simple 3-step process.

Step 1: Sketch

The logo’s purpose is to convey visual communication and why many use a combination of icons and text. We can use these two elements to sketch a basic logo. The sketch becomes the final product after tweaks are done with logo tools.

Try this:

  • Use image search to find items related to your business
  • Draw multiple variations of each idea (without editing)
  • Run text through font selections to find one that stands out

Every sketch builds upon the last. There are no bad ideas. Keep drawing and mixing combinations until you’re happy with the design.

Use inspiration from competitors and design blogs to help with the process, too.

Step 2: Match

  1. Visit the free logo maker software website
  2. Browse the selection to find one like your sketch
  3. Note the templates and rework the sketch with new ideas
  4. Repeat 1-3 until you’ve found the right one

Step 3: Tweak

Use the built-in tools to tweak the design. This will include font selection and color combinations. Select an icon close to your intended design.

You may use this time to upgrade the service and get suggestions from pro logo designers. Then, confirm and export the selection.

You now have a logo to use in your campaigns!

Begin Designing Today

Free logo maker software has several extra benefits once you’re accustomed to its nuances and features. Logo design is a fantastic skill to master whether you intend to redesign or launch new ventures.

Each project, from this point onward, no longer needs expensive graphic design outsourcing. You’ve taken the logo design in-house. The other marketing materials and assets are likely to come along with it.

But, it begins somewhere and that’s taking your idea to fruition.

Explore and see what you create. You’ll find yourself surprised at the creativity it unlocks. Begin designing, today.